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Bay Area SEO For Mobile Websites

We Said It Was Coming! Now It Will On Apr 21, 2015

Are you Ready For Google’s Mobile Hammer?

mobile web design SEO photoYou may have said “I don’t internet.” That didn’t work out too well for you if you did. And then you may have said “I don’t do mobile” and that’s not going to work well either now. Even if you’re right, and most of your web traffic is via a desk top computer, you may get penalized anyway. Here’s why… Continue reading

How Much To Spend on SEO and Social Marketing?

How much should a small company spend on SEO and Social Media Marketing?

Once a company decides to market online, the tough question always  is, how much to spend.

The folks over at the SEOMOZ conducted a world wide survey of companies like ours (Online marketing and SEO).  We participated in this survey as well and were one of the 47% US based companies. 13% were UK based, 40% were 23 other countries. These companies included in-house marketing firms and agencies, as well as outside contractors and internet marketing consultants.  The bottom line results were: 34% of their clients are spending $1,000 per month or more and about 16% were not on a monthly program. 45% were somewhere in between $100 to $1,000 per month. See the chart below: Continue reading

San Francisco Bay Area SEO & Social Marketing

Best value in advertising today

Social media marketing is hundreds of times less expensive than other traditional marketing ventures such as print, radio and TV, while providing an immediate real time access to millions of people and potential clients on demand.  Social media marketing is one of the only media marketing opportunities that offers direct marketing to only your market segmentation. This saves time and money. Continue reading

Do you know what Google, Yahoo and Bing just did?

When Google talks, SEO marketers listen. When Google, Bing and Yahoo all talk at the same time and talk the same message, the world listens.
Yesterday, the big three announced a joint venture that has everyone’s attention. The launch of a new website- and the new markup standard that’s going to make web developers and SEO freaks very happy. Continue reading

SEO Services: What to Look For

SEO Services: What to Look For

Are you thinking that it may be a good idea to have a website for your business? That’s great! Most business owners spend large sums of money maintaining company websites that do not help in any way in as far as the profitability of their businesses is concerned. Website maintenance is costly and so if you have one for your business you must ensure that you reaped maximum benefits from its existence. This can easily be achieved through the use of of one of the best Bay Area Web design companies.

There are many web and SEO companies that offer SEO services. However, before you choose one, you need
to do your research well. The information that is given in the websites of many SEO service
providers is only meant to dupe unsuspecting clients into giving out their hard-earned cash.

There are important things to consider before start. First, you should ensure
that an SEO company has experienced and qualified staff. Getting this information is
easy since there are reviews from previous clients in such service provider’s websites. Always
check what the reviews say about the kind of staff an SEO service provider has, as this will give
you a clue about the kind of client support that you are likely to get from them. Continue reading

What does it cost to get great search engine optimization today?

What does it cost to get great search engine optimization (SEO) work done these days?

KO Websites, the leading SEO Pros in the San Francisco Bay Area search engine marketing (SEM) industry charges about $750 to $4,300 per month for full service web management, on going re-designs, social marketing, outstanding organic SEO services and PPC campaign management. The price is based on competition, company web asset sizes and range of geographic marketing reach. The more local, the less the cost. The broader the market or the more competitive the key search terms, the more the cost.

Seems kind of pricey to you? What would it cost to employ your own in-house online marketing team? Your right, from $65K to $600K.  Below is another example of cost from one of our competitors from southern California. This guy (Mr. Clay) is well known in the industry and good at what he does too, but keep in mind the difference of what we offer…full online marketing management!

This is an excerpt from Clay’s website:  Fees are charged on a per page basis starting from $800 a page. As each industry and project requires special consideration, there is no hard and fast rule for pricing and projects will vary based on the needs of the client. If you already have a site, but want to redesign it, our fees start at $800 per page. For an SEO Design evaluation of your proposed website build, pricing begins at a one time fee of $15,000.

So, as with anything, you get what you pay for…So do you just go with the highest bidder? NO, check their work and see were they rank. Search Google for “Bay Area SEO company” KO’s web assets come up #2 and #3 ( and We’d be at #1, but we keep screwing around, experimenting and testing with our own websites. Watch, we’ll soon be back to #1 and #2 here soon.

So lets review…with KO and the SEO PRO (same company) you get:

  1. Full service website management. All editing and changes you want.
  2. On going re-designs. All redesigns and SEO changes included as needed.
  3. Social marketing– We implement, manage and track up to 15 social media accounts.
  4. Reputation Management– We watch and guard your reputation. Don’t have a online reputation? We’ll create one for you.
  5. Outstanding organic SEO services. Includes tracking and reporting.
  6. PPC campaign management– We’ll do this for you. Includes tracking and reporting.

Bottom line– We do whatever it takes to bring in online business and profits for your company. We know clearly that if your not getting a solid ROI, you’ll move on. We want you to stay long term so we’ll invest in your company by poring our resources into your online marketing plan until we make it work right. Then we know we have to keep that performance up to keep your business, so we meet regularly and report our/your performance and make changes and adjustments where needed. We also rebuild your website as needed, so you never look outdated again or fall behind. That all being said, we think you’ll agree that our pricing is pretty darn good!

Learn more about our full service web marketing packages by calling me (Ken) at 510-276-9902 or use one of our contact forms at either or www.SEOpro.PRO


Best at search engine optimization (SEO)

The Bay Area company that’s best at search engine optimization (SEO)
Every successful company finds and recognizes their unique niche that makes them stand out from the competition. KO Websites knew that they were the best at search engine optimization (SEO) and realized how important SEO was years ago, but the general business community didn’t recognize and value this skill-set until just a few years ago.

Meanwhile, KO built over 200 websites for commercial business, non-profit and community organizations. KO gained an excellent reputation by providing outstanding service and quality design services. In addition, KO was one of only a few Bay Area web design companies to offer full service hosting, streaming video hosting and SEO service. Many of our clients didn’t even know that they were getting SEO services, nor cared…until now!

Because search engine optimization has grown so important for successful online web marketing, KO spun-off a separate search engine optimization division to focus just on SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). This division is called SEOPRO’s. Another reason to spin off this division was to re-brand, because other web design firms wanted to use our SEO services too. Bay Area marketing firms in Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord and San Francisco and several Bay Area web design companies use SEOPRO to do their SEO and SEM work.

How to pick a San Francisco Bay Area SEO company

SEO video From KO Websites & SEOPRO’s
Bay Area Social Media Marketing That WorksChoosing a good SEO company or consultant can be complicated.

The SEOPRO’s offers this free insightful information on how to choose a great SEO company.

What to ask and when to run.
We don’t mean to freak you out, but picking the wrong SEO company can kill your business and at a minimum, cost you a lot of money and possibly more valuable- TIME. Here’s why…
Most SEO companies will lock you up with a year long contract. This contract is not a bad thing in it self, because the SEO company will do a lot of work upfront in the contract and may not break even until the 9th month or so. So an SEO contract itself is not the bad thing, but a contract with a bad SEO firm is a nightmare!

Most companies can’t afford to buy-out the contract and then re-contract with another SEO company, so this means your stuck for a whole year. Your website will be dead in the water so to speak and idle for the year. To make matters worse, your SEO competition will be moving forward and sucking up your potential clients.

Ok, now that we have your attention, this is what you need to do while shopping for a good SEO company.
First off, you need to find and work with an SEO company who can communicate about SEO in plain English.  A SEO company who takes complicated SEO concepts and techniques and turns them into something you can understand, then help you make an informed decision – especially as there are often many possible solutions to choose from. You really don’t need to know and understand everything the SEO company is going to do, but you do have the best knowledge for your industry and you should be an expert at who the clients or people are that you’re trying to attract. So, the SEO company will need your input and feedback with regards to search terms. You’ll also need to fully understand the SEO fees and their general methods of operations.

Here is a list of things you may want to ask your perspective SEO company:

  1. Do I get a ‘non-performance out’ in the contract? This is something that the SEOPROs at offeres at month four of the contract. If they have not improved your rankings considerably, SEOPRO let’s you off the hook at no additional fee.
  2. Does the SEO company have a physical address? Can you drive over and ring their neck if they are ignoring you? Are they in the USA? A good SEO company should have at least a PO box published on their website. If not, RUN away quickly.
  3. Ask for and contact their reference’s! It may be a little uncomfortable to make that call, but wouldn’t you give another business or company five minutes of your time to brag about a good B2B business you’ve used? Assuming it’s not to your competition of course ;-).
  4. Can they show you samples? Where does their website rank?
  5. If you’re using a local SEO company (and you should as they have local knowledge), will they offer a non-compete contract? This is a touchy subject. It’s not uncommon for a company to observe how well you’re doing on the search engines and ask your SEO company to do the same for them. If you don’t want this to happen, ask for a non-compete clause; but be ready to pay for it. An alternative is to negotiate territories- Company ‘A’ takes south bay area and company ‘B’ takes north bay area.
  6. What method or reporting system do use to prove ROI (return on investment)? This really is NOT the SEO companies job. You may have poor landing pages, a bad website or a bad product. The SEO company has no control over this. That being said, it’s still in the best interest of the SEO company to try to prove their value, so you stick with them for the long term. There are many methods and ways to prove the SEO compaies worth (or lack of).  But, to do this right, good web stats tracking info, a tracking phone number and a tracked contact form(s). You’ll also want good analytics data for watching the shopping experience and cart action.

Another thing to consider is: Does the SEO company have someone with experience in your vertical – such as real estate, retail, construction, religion, schools, trades, communities, nonprofits, etc.
An SEO company with experience across multiple types of business, as well as experience that is directly relevant to you, will have better problem solving skills and more exposure to technologies and solutions. Experience in your sector will mean the SEO company will be very helpful in defining your strategy, understanding terminology, and knowing what your competitors are doing and most importantly, know why your potential clients are thinking and looking for. This concept is not a must, but it’s worth considering when trying to pick from the final two SEO companies.

On our next post, we’ll share some more insight on how to choose a good SEO company. If you can’t wait, call the SEO PROs at 510-276-9902 today. Or visit www.seopro.PRO or KO Websites

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