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What A B2B Service Business says About SEO PRO

SEO Results and consistency are the bottom line!

A San Francisco Bay Area B2B Answering service explains why they’ve been working with the SEO PRO’s at KO Websites for over 12 years.

“Trends and technology change, but quality services doesn’t have to.” Ken O’Donnell, President. Continue reading

seo case study on A&B

Bay Area Produce Supplier Stays Fresh with New Website

seo case studyA&B Produce, a major San Francisco Bay Area food supplier and wholesaler, provides fresh, high-quality fruits, vegetables, and more to commercial and retail restaurants.  With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the company did not want to continue with a website that underperformed.  As a result, A&B Produce partnered with KO Websites, Inc., to update its website design with a fresh look and character in line with the products it delivers and the service it provides.  Continue reading

Piano Store SEO and Social Media Marketing Case Study

Local San Francisco Piano Store Go’s Social with SEO & Social Media Marketing

It started with a simple website redesign…

Many companies (even large ones) make the mistake of trying to get their website built as cheaply as they can find and skimp on their SEO and social media marketing, thinking it’s just a fad or child’s play. They know they want something online, so they either asked their admin or IT department to learn how to build one, or had a friend-of-a-friend do it on the side. Most companies got what they paid for. This might have been okay 10 years ago (“At least I got something online”), but this won’t cut it today. The stakes are too high and ignoring this fact may kill your company. Continue reading

Ministry of Tomorrow Case Study

Social Media Marketing – Events

M.O.T. Clothing Launch Party

Event marketing San FranciscoThe Ministry of Tomorrow was launching its new fashion brand with a World Music event at the Lodge at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The event featured Jamaican Reggae legend Anthony B plus two celebrated Afro-funk/World music artists, Sila from Kenya and Fely Tchaco from the Ivory Coast. The event included a special guest DJ and surprise visual art performances throughout the evening.

Does your Social Media Marketing campaign need an EDGE? 

With only one month to prepare, start up company M.O.T. needed quick help to launch a social media and online display advertising campaign and to sell out the company party (World Music Event), gain brand awareness and kick off the sales of the new clothing line.

RESULTS: 200 tickets sold at an average price of $40! The client was super impressed and said they would be turning over all their online marketing to the SEO PRO’s.

Solar Marketing Case Study

From Last to First! SEO that Works!

In 2013, Save A Lot Solar (SALS) came to us wanting to expand both their sales and company operations.  The challenge, the solar industry is highly competitive with their online marketing efforts. Unlike some service industries (landscaping for example), the residential solar industry is super competitive  Most solar companies have new websites, strong SEO, a social media presence and many are advertising on TV and radio. Not having a budget for radio and TV and having a very old website, SALS came to the SEO PRO’s to maximize their marketing dollars.

  • First, we help to identify the 3 major demographic markets.
  • Next we redesigned the website with these market segments in mind.
  • At the same time, our social media marketing team set up over 15 social media marketing and ratting accounts. We branded the accounts, insured accurate content was there and optimized the content for maximum social SEO. Blog writing began in preperation to the site launch.
  • Site was launched, and with social accounts in place, active social and SEO marketing began.
  • Next we built a mobile website optimized for mobile marketing.
  • Finally we filmed and posted video testimonials on YouTube and the new website.
  • Later, the client wanted to test Yelp and Google adwords, so we took care of that and made sure they got the most for their money.


  1. Top of page 1 for a Google search on “save on Bay Area home solar panels”
  2. Top of page 1 for “Oakland home solar”
  3. Page 1 for “Bay Area home solar panel installation”
  4. Page 1 for “Oakland home solar company”
  5. …and the list goes on.

See the their website here
See video testimonials here
See the their Facebook account here
See their Twitter account here
See their G+ account here

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Retail Case Study

Special Projects – White label Work

Video marketing page to celebrate the launch of a new watch and the first American in space!

When a marketing company in Washington need help setting up a video landing page, with an embedded video for the launch of a special new watch, they turned to the SEO PRO’s at KO Websites. This wasn’t just any watch, but rather a special edition “First Man in Space” watch by Breitling.

Time was of the essence and they needed a company who could guarantee a fast turn around and who would get the assignment done right the first time. The launch of the new watch coincided with an air show and live online demo. There was no room for delays and errors.

RESULTS: Mission accomplished! New product launched without issues. Mission control and client was happy.

Restaurant Marketing San Francisco

Complementing Inside Marketing Team

Full service website asset & online marketing management

A typical scenario for SEO PRO is to work with a small, inside marketing team that knows the clients’ brand. They’ll take care of print, radio and TV marketing, and higher us to take care of everything online, including their website(s), SEO, social media, Email, PPC and display ad advertising. We like working in this environment, because the marketing team is doing most of the planning and goal setting. We take care of the online execution and tracking, and provide comprehensible data to prove the ROI. We also make ourselves available for online crisis communication.

Moving from old school marketing, to cutting edge online marketing, the Bay Area Strizzi’s restaurant chain was a little uncomfortable at first. They knew nearly nothing about online marketing and didn’t want to spend a furtune trying to figure it out. So they contracted the SEO PRO’s to cover this task for them, following the lead of their inside marketing staff.

RESULTS: An awesome new website, over 15 social media marketing accounts, current bi-weekly blogs, very successful email marketing and first-page rankings for the search terms they wanted.

food bars marketing San Francisco




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Comment sent from client/owner Ray B. on 7/17/2013:  “Thanks for everything…appreciate your hard work in rolling everything out! Thanks also for your patience in getting everything approved!! Looked at our new website and our Facebook page….. looks great ..! I like it!”