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Top 5 Twitter Tips

Tips for Using Twitter for Digital Marketing 

san jose social media marketingWhether you’re the President of a Bay Area Startup with five employees, or the VP of a large company with hundreds of employees, you want your business to succeed and ‘get your name out there.’ You may know the ins-and-outs of your line of work, but this whole Social Media Marketing concept hasn’t gone beyond the Facebook page you setup months ago. Have no fear, with these tips you’ll be tweeting in no time! Continue reading

Social Media News Roundup

One of the most exciting and interesting things about social media marketing is that it is always changing. Here’s a roundup of the latest news about the major social media networks.


Facebook held a press conference recently to announce a new tool that they have been working on for a while: Open Graph Search. This new search function will allow people to more easily search for people and pages using keywords and phrases rather than the exact name. It has huge potential as a tool for market research – and it can also help your company’s Facebook page be more easily found.

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Now sharing videos on Twitter is even easier! Twitter has just launched a new tool called Vine. Vine is an Apple app for iPhones and iPod touches. It makes uploading short videos (six seconds or less) to social networks like Twitter easier with a cellular connection.



This news isn’t as recent, but it’s still important: Google+ has added a feature called Communities. Pages and profiles can join different subject related communities, somewhat similar to LinkedIn groups. And just like LinkedIn groups, Communities are an important tool for businesses to connect with. It’s a great way to meet up with other companies, see what they are offering, and discuss the latest news in your field.



To help pinners explore and find new content, Pinterest is releasing a slight redesign of the site. No need to worry, the overall design will stay the same, but the navigation is being slightly changed in order to make it easier to browse pins.



How on earth did MySpace make this list? Well, that is because MySpace is back. The site has undergone a massive redesign, and the launch was aided with a little help from Justin Timberlake. It remains to be seen if the redesign will be enough to keep audiences interested.


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Top 3 Twitter Tips

Twitter is the most real-time of all social media networks – meaning people are posting hundreds of times per second. If you’re new to Twitter, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left behind. Here are the top 3 tips for keeping up with Twitter, whether you are using it for yourself or your business.

1) Tweet Rate.
If you tweet too often, you can annoy users into un-following you. If you don’t tweet enough, you look inactive and therefore boring. A happy medium is tweeting about few times a day, or several times a week.

2) Keep it Interesting. Don’t use Twitter as a sales platform. That makes you look like a spammer, and people won’t follow you. Inject some personality into your tweets, Twitter is the most casual of the social networks. Also, include some content to keep people coming back for more.

3) Be Engaging. Twitter is the most conversational of all social networking platforms. If you’re not interacting with other users, you’re not using it to its full potential. Re-tweet, reply, and use hashtags.

Three Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

1) Too long a tweet. If you have your accounts linked so that your Facebook posts are automatically posted on Twitter, it’s easy to go over Twitter’s 140 character limit.

2) Blind linking. If you’re going to tweet a link, make sure to make it clear what you’re linking to. There are a lot of spammy Twitter users out there, and people don’t want to click on a shady-looking link.

3) Ignoring your follower list. Again, there are a lot of spam Twitter accounts. Make sure you occasionally check who is following you, and block users with sketchy profile pictures or bios.

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Want To Reach More Of Your Facebook Fans? Pay 5 Bucks.

Beginning today Facebook rolls out promoted posts.  You can pay in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20 up to $75 to ensure that your status post will reach more of your fans.   ($75 is the highest I’ve heard but not completely sure on max limit)

Prior to promoted posts it has been reported that on average only 3% to 7.5% of your fans are reached on any given post.  Keep in mind that engagement on a post can greatly increase your number of fans reached.  This figure was measured with brand pages that have 1,000 fans to 1,000,000 fans.  The less fans you have the higher the percentage reached.

The question is, now that there are promoted posts will the free posts reach average go even below this or stay the same?  That will be interesting to see, not too many page owners will be happy if it drops.

Why is Facebook doing this?  Well just like any other good business Facebook is looking for another source of income, especially since they just went public and their stock has dropped over 13% since opening last Friday.

Actually I am surprised that this didn’t come sooner.  Twitter launched promoted tweets for organizations and partners in July 2011 and for small businesses in March 2012.   Same concept on both social media sites, your promoted post/tweet stays in your followers/fans feeds for a longer duration of time but with Twitter you pay per click (reply, retweet, or click on link) and with Facebook it’s a small flat rate.

According to Marketing Land Facebook does provide insights on this.  It will let you know the estimated reach on the post prior to purchase and then will let you know the actual number reached after the promoted post has ran its course.

We stole some screenshots from Marketing Land because our Facebook Page has not gained access to this feature yet due to the soft roll out.

By: Robert O’Donnell
Social Media Marketing Manager at SEOPRO

Happy 6th Birthday Twitter! Also See What Stat They Released!

Today marks Twitter’s 6th birthday.  And a milestone. 

Not only did the ever so popular social site Twitter, notorious for the platforms 140 character tweets turn 6, they also announced they have 140 million active users as well. That’s not all. If you were like me you’d be a little skeptical saying something to the effect of,” Yeah sure 140 million active users, how many of those accounts are really “active”. ”

To squash that thought Twitter also announced that they are seeing 340 million tweets go out a day! That’s over 1 billion every 3 days.  (see official quote from Twitter below.) Pretty nice birthday gift to ones self don’t you think?

Still skeptical of Twitter?  We’re not and if you are a business owner you shouldn’t be either.  Twitter and social media marketing need to be in your marketing plan.

Original sketch of the founders vision of Twitter.

Now it seems that there are as many ways to express yourself in 140 characters as there are people doing it. And at last check, there are more than 140 million active users (there’s that number again) — and today we see 340 million Tweets a day. That’s more than 1 billion every 3 days. However concisely, it turns out there’s plenty to say. – Official Twitter Blog Post

Twitter Users Be Cautious of DM Hacks

There is a link if clicked on that will hack into your Twitter account and its spreading like wild fire right now.  You must make sure you don’t fall victim and if you do, we will show you the necessary steps to recover your account.

If you are a frequent Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed that you receive a quite a bit of spam in your DM (direct message) inbox.  I certainly have.  That’s essentially why I don’t bother checking or using DM on Twitter.  Nonetheless a lot of tweeters still do and a lot of them are falling for these hackers tricks.

Education of the Twitter hack

If you see any DM or tweets that says anything to the effect of:  I saw a blog about you read here (link), I saw this hilarious photo of you (link), see who has viewed your profile (link), loose 50 pounds (link), etc.. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

Prevent your account from being compromised

As I just mentioned, stay away from suspicious tweets, DMs, links, and delete them immediately.  Delete offensive messages, tweets, and spam often.  Be vigilant and report the spam.  Revoke access to any suspicious applications and be cautious to what applications you are giving access to your Twitter account.

What to do if your account is hacked

Change your password immediately and change the password to any account sharing the same password.  After that you can follow this step-by-step guide from Twitter here.