PPC Advertising: Why Choose Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn?

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Managing effective PPC advertising is not simple. With many options for text, images, targeting, goals, ad types, keywords, and more there’s a lot to learn.

How to Improve Your Website Speed and Why a Fast Website is Important

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Good SEO and Web Design Mean Little if Your Website Doesn’t Load Fast

You don’t need a study to tell you that consumers will abandon a website and move on to another if the pages don’t load fast, but plenty of studies confirm this. In your own experience you’ve probably come across website content that just didn’t load fast enough and you quickly navigated away before seeing what the site had to offer. No matter what your digital marketing goals a good quality, fast and easy to navigate website should be at the core. Continue reading »

The Big 3 Must Haves for Local Search Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing for Local Businesses Should Start with 3 Big Listing Sites

mobile web design SEO photoIf your local business doesn’t come up on search engines, especially Google’s, it might as well not exist. While there may still be a few businesses out there that get by on word-of-mouth and long-term clientele, if you want to grow your existing business or start a new business one of your first marketing steps should be digital marketing to start building an online presence. Continue reading »

You Need a Fast Website to Go With Good SEO

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One aspect that affects SEO is how fast a page loads. Google cares about page speed because they want users to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. How does page speed affect SEO and how can you improve it.

Timing is Everything for Social Media Marketing

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Attention spans aren’t getting any longer on social media these days, and social media marketing channels aren’t getting less crowded—so picking the best time to post your digital marketing messages is crucial.

Traditional and Digital Marketing: What Has Changed and What Hasn’t?

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A digital marketing agency does some things differently from traditional marketing companies but many marketing services have remained consistent despite the new and different delivery mediums.

Digital Marketing: On Which Social Media Sites Should My Business Be Active?

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Digital marketing plans can be great tool to reach customers, but not all social media marketing plans are equal, before you start a major online marketing campaign take time to consider what social media networks best fit your business.

Beginner SEO Tip – Improve Your Data by Using Filters in Google Analytics

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So you’ve been working on your organic SEO and you’re starting to see more traffic to your site, this is normally a great sign. What you’re doing is starting to get the search engine’s attention! However, you shouldn’t take increased site traffic at face value. You need to do a little digging and preventative work to ensure that your traffic is real, earned, quality traffic that you want. Continue reading »

Take Notice! SEO Experts Assert That Image Search Is Back in a Big Way

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Bay Area SEO Companies need to pay attention to image search again after years of little value, Google has introduced a new change that makes it relevant again.