SEO & Social Media Marketing designed for San Jose Companies

San Joes SEOThe San Jose, Silicon Valley area requires a different type of marketing service, then do the average companies in the SF Bay Area. Most of San Jose industry market is target to technical engineer types of buyers, national and international markets and/or the tech savvy consumer. The style of online internet marketing used for selling handbags or wine is NOT the same as what’s needed for these San Jose companies.

SEO for San Jose Companies

First, you have to find a SEO company smart enough to clearly understand your products and  target markets. One that you can trust with sensitive information and preferably a local SEO company that can be reached quickly and respond to marketing meeting request at a moments notice.

Next, you need a proven San Jose SEO company expert that is a master at what they do- SEO. A SEO company with a long proven track record, testimonials and a solid background.

Social Media Marketing Services – Don’t care? Think again!

seo company San JoseIt’s pretty simple to understand why a San Jose consumer tech company would be involved with social media marketing, but why would a San Jose tech manufacture care about social media? This is a common and great question. The answer is…you may not care. You may never make a sale on social media. But there are four reason why you need to be on social media:

  • Google watches social media and gives credit to those companies that are active and engaged. These companies are ‘relevant’ and must be ‘experts’ in their fields in the eyes of Google.
  • Reputation Management- Whether you want to be or not, your company is on social media. So you may as well take control of it and watch it if nothing else.
  • Crisis Management- What if something bad happens? Your forklift runs over a kid, a battery in a device explodes or your electronic device shocks someone. You can NOT react fast enough to set up social accounts to manage and respond to the negative chatter in a timely fashion. You MUST have these resources in place already.
  • You work with or sell to companies and/or markets in China, India or Germany. Something bad happens over there, like an earthquake or train wreck, don’t you want to send over a goodwill PR message (“Your friends at XYZ company is wishing everyone in Nagpur the best and quick recovery”).

That is why San Jose tech companies should care about SEO and social media marketing. We hope this was useful and we hear from your company soon. Please call us 510-276-9902 or use our contact form on the right of this page.