Paid Ad Management On Social Media Websites

Are paid social media ads a good idea? And why should I choose SEOPRO for this?

Most Social Media network accounts are FREE! – free to create an account and free to add your business listing. But many of these social media channels offer businesses the opportunity to purchase ads to increase your reach to their millions of users. The big question is: Are buying ads on social media websites worth it for you?

The answer: Sometimes…

facebook advertisingWhen should you invest your marketing dollars in social media ads, like on Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, linkedIn, Twitter, etc? The most common scenario is if you have an upcoming event or sale you want to promote. Ads help you build buzz on social media sites and also capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing as people start sharing your event with their friends.

Another common scenario is using social media ads to help expand your audience. Are you starting with only 5 likes on your Facebook page? Use an ad to help grow your likes. Do you already have a healthy following, but are adding a new product or want to reach a new target market? A Social Media ad will help you focus on the new audiences with whom you want to connect.

What does it cost to have managed social media paid advertising?

Some Social Media websites that offer paid-for-advertising:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • We’re Yelp Certified!

Typical reasons you may want to consider Social website advertising:

  • Event Promotion
  • Sale Promotion
  • Expanding Your Audience

Social Ad Examples / Case Studies:

Facebook Ads: To help promote a new online dating website, KO Websites created a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages can be very slow to get running until they have a solid foundation of at least 30-50 likes. To help boost the Page and traffic to the website, KO Websites ran 4 Facebook ads spread over 3 months. The ads were targeted to the dating website’s main audience, including age and geography (in which city they are located). From just these 4 ads the number of likes jumped to over 100.  Additionally, the traffic to the website increased dramatically, including referrals from Facebook.

Event Promotion: KO Websites worked with a new socially-conscious clothing brand in the San Francisco Bay Area to help launch the clothing line at an upcoming concert. KO Websites worked with the brand’s Social Media accounts (existing Facebook and Twitter accounts and created new accounts for other social networks) and local event listing websites to spread word about the brand and sell tickets for the event.

Result: Sold over 100 tickets in advanced sales.