Timing is Everything for Social Media Marketing

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Attention spans aren’t getting any longer on social media these days, and social media marketing channels aren’t getting less crowded—so picking the best time to post your digital marketing messages is crucial.

Traditional and Digital Marketing: What Has Changed and What Hasn’t?

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A digital marketing agency does some things differently from traditional marketing companies but many marketing services have remained consistent despite the new and different delivery mediums.

Digital Marketing: On Which Social Media Sites Should My Business Be Active?

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Digital marketing plans can be great tool to reach customers, but not all social media marketing plans are equal, before you start a major online marketing campaign take time to consider what social media networks best fit your business.

Beginner SEO Tip – Improve Your Data by Using Filters in Google Analytics

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So you’ve been working on your organic SEO and you’re starting to see more traffic to your site, this is normally a great sign. What you’re doing is starting to get the search engine’s attention! However, you shouldn’t take increased site traffic at face value. You need to do a little digging and preventative work to ensure that your traffic is real, earned, quality traffic that you want. Continue reading »

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing – It’s Free and Totally Worth It

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Google understands that businesses want to be visible in searches and so they’ve provided one of the best digital marketing tools for local businesses.

SEO vs PPC When to Invest in One Over the Other

Should You Invest in SEO or PPC Marketing? It Depends… Whether your customer uses Yahoo, Bing or Google, if your business doesn’t rank high in the search, you’ll never get found.

Take Notice! SEO Experts Assert That Image Search Is Back in a Big Way

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Bay Area SEO Companies need to pay attention to image search again after years of little value, Google has introduced a new change that makes it relevant again.

6 Ways Social Media Boosts SEO and 3 Ways It Could Damage SEO

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Use social media marketing channels to enhance your company’s search engine optimization. Tips to use social media the right way and 3 things to avoid as you create content for your business’s social media accounts.

Ecommerce Website Rebuild & SEO Improvements Immediately Boosts Sales

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In the first full month since upgrading their web design JMT Beauty has seen their biggest month of online sales EVER. SEO, social media marketing, and thoughtful web design contributed to their big improvements in online ecommerce cart website sales.

Improving your Website’s Search Appearance with Schema Markup

Schema.org has been around for years, but many business still aren’t taking advantage of this very valuable tool. While Schema hasn’t been proven to improve your website’s rank in search engines, the real benefit of schema is in the enhanced prominence and appearance of your listing on search engine sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. While you might not jump in the rankings, your listing in the results could be more informative and more attractive to those searching. Continue reading »