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San Francisco SEO, search marketing, SEM, search engine optimization, seoIt doesn’t matter how pretty your website is if no one can find it. If it’s not on search engines, it doesn’t exist!

What is SEO? The term Search Engine Optimization is normally associated with organic search engine optimization (also known as SEO), not to be confused with Pay Per Click (PPC or AdWords PPC listings). Organic SEO is a method of writing text content, web coding, linking and designing websites in a way that search engines favor and can read. If done right, search engines will reward a website with strong SEO extra credit and rank them higher than other websites on search engines.

Here are 2 SEO clients who understood these concepts years ago and are still with us today. See what they say about our SEO work (Note: KO Websites, Inc. is our parent company):


SEO Plans & Pricing

SEOPRO Plan 1: Small Business, 3 Month SEO package

This is the best SEO package for a local, small businesses with a 6-10 page website and 20 regionally targeted search terms (Example: ‘castro valley hvac,’ ‘castro valley air conditioning,’ Etc).

Ideal for small companies marketing locally: Companies choosing this package are flower shops, auto repair, contractors, nursery schools, single crew service industry, local dental and doctor offices. Typical search terms might be ‘San Leandro Mercedes Benz repair,’ or ‘San Jose ballroom dance lessons.’
Service include:

  • Key search terms consulting and reports
  • Choose 20 search terms (10 primary, 10 secondary)
  • Website performance evaluation
  • Text content editing for SEO
  • Meta tags, page titles and more good stuff
  • G+ page setup instructions and help
  • Google analytics setup instructions and help
  • General text/photo site updates at the same time optional
  • Reports, tweaking and tracking for 3 months

Cost: $2,200 for 3 months.

Add $110 for each additional page.
Add $450 for each additional GEO search Area.

Call 510-276-9902 or use our contact form to learn more details and what you can expect from this SEO service plan.

SEOPRO Plan 2: Monthly SEO Service Plans

Monthly full time SEO package for small and large companies marketing in competitive industries and/or nationally

Why a monthly plan? Some industries are more competitive than others, such as various restaurant markets, law firms, Real Estate, retail, etc. We call this group “early adopters.”  They were much more aggressive early on with their SEO and trying to catch up to them takes much more effort, time and work. Ranking well in several cities at once and or nationally (and worldwide) is much more challenging as well. Or maybe you need to market several services or products, requiring more than 20 search terms? If any of this applies to your SEO needs, this ongoing monthly SEO plan is the right plan for you.

How it works: We start with and focus on the most important top 20 search terms. Once we have those highly ranked, we start on another 20 terms, and so on. We highly encourage the use of a site hosted blog for search term expansion and reinforcement. Blog writing is available at an additional cost.

Service include:

  • Key search terms consulting and reports
  • Tech Website evaluation (load time, file sizes, robots, etc)
  • Call to action evaluation
  • 50+ search terms
  • Text content editing for SEO
  • Meta tags, page titles and more good stuff
  • G+ page setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Webmaster tools setup
  • General text/photo site updates at the same time optional
  • On-going site SEO and tweaking throughout the month
  • Cart product page SEO
  • Blog SEO (2-3 per month)
  • Reports and tracking every month

Cost: $950/Month

6 month commitment. 2 Blog SEO per month included. Blog writing optional/extra.

NOT SURE WHICH WAY TO GO? Call us and we’ll guide you in the right direction. We do not oversell our clients. That’s why many of them have been with us for over 15 years.

Call 510-276-9902 or use our contact form for more details and result expectations.


Why is SEO expensive?
How long does it take to see any results?
Do you guarantee results?
Why use the SEOPRO?

SEOPRO is a subsidiary of KO Websites, Inc. We’ve been providing SEO and marketing services for over 15 years, serving US and Worldwide markets; located in the San Francisco Bay Area, near San Jose, Oakland and the Silicon Valley. Call us at 510-276-9902