How can we communicate on your behalf and be effective and transparent?


Here’s how the SEO PRO’s at KO work:

  • We learn about you: At sign-up with the SEOPRO’s, we deliver you a questionnaire to fill out which allows us to better understand your company and company’s personality. This questionnaire is fairly detailed and even covers issues like how to handle holiday announcements and political issues. This enables us to present an accurate online presence on your behalf and a well thought-out list of post and blogs which will best represent your company.
  • We learn your products: Our blog and post writers are U.S. in-house professional, Ivy League graduate writers who can write about most any industry you can think of. Even the more complex scientific and technical topics.
  • We learn about the competition: We implement an extensive research plan to see what your competition is doing and writing about. What’s working for them? Who’s asleep and who is being aggressive online?
  • Rating sites. We have your back: If your listings do not currently have reviews or maybe a few negative ones, we can help rectify this (the right way).
  • You are in control: Once we have set-up and or gain access to your company’s social accounts and finish the the onboarding process, we’ll provide you with the full log-in sheet so you have access to the accounts too. You can rely on us to do all the posting, but you may augment our postings with your own if you wish. Either way, your social accounts are active and our team is engaged with your followers for you. Should any questions come up that we don’t know the answer to, we check with you directly before responding.
  • Hands-on / Hands-off: You can be as much engaged with the process as you wish. We have some clients we talk to weekly and some clients we only communicate with once per month. Hands-off clients are typically clients that we have worked with for several years and we have a complete understanding of their operations and personalities. Hands-on clients are typically new clients and or have B2C business that require more communication for coupons, sales, etc.

Bay Area Social Media Marketing That WorksThere is a lot more that goes on with this digital marketing package, but we know you’re short on time, so please give us a call and we’ll explain more, or better yet, visit our social media team in our office here in Castro Valley, CA and we’ll give you even more detailed information and examples. For appointments: 510-276-9902

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