Bay Area Web Video Services

Video Marketing Services

  • Professional Video production
  • Video editing
  • Video marketing campaign strategy and management
  • Landing page video placement
  • Facebook video ads management
  • Instagram video ads management
  • YouTube video ads management
  • Video stats tracking and reporting
  • Video ads tracking and reporting
  • Video landing page conversion tracking and reporting

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Digital Marketing Services Recognize the Benefits of Video

82% of marketers confirmed that video marketing had a positive impact on their business*

93% are using video in their campaigns* & 70% planned to increase spending on video*

Some telling statistics:

Video ads are 6x more effective than print and direct mail combined**

60% of site visitors will watch a video before reading ANY text.** (Did you?)

Video content increases chances of your results appearing on the first page of Google by 53x**

46% of people surveyed took action because of a video they watched on a website.*

Video Increases Your Social Media Reach and Engagement


Videos are great for more than just your website.

Video is an effective tool for promoting your business, products, and values through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Getting your Desired Audience to Pay Attention

Studies have shown that internet users are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read a text advertisement and viewers recall what they watch far better than they recall what they have read. Your business will benefit from video by increasing audience attention, engagement, and action, not to mention search optimization benefits.

Trend Toward Video Content is Growing and Won’t Stop Soon

optimize-video-for-mobile-devicesVideo continues to become a more important tool in marketing and, with the additional trend toward mobile website visits, it is important not only to provide video content to grab your viewers attention. You must ensure that your video is optimized for all types of devices to maximize the impact.

You Have a Valuable Tool in Web Video, Let Us Help You Use It

KO Websites and SEO Pro now offer simple video production and editing services, including: simple video montages, instructional videos, explainer videos, video testimonials, company profile videos, interviews, and video tours. The possibilities are endless!

*via ReelSEO’s Video Marketing Survey

**via Diode Digital