PPC AdWords Management

Save Money And Get More Leads With Managed Paid-Per-Click Campaigns

Google AdWordsWe are 2012 winners of the Google Engage All-Stars competition!

The SEO PRO’s (under KO) are an award-winning, authorized Google AdWord resellers and managers, trained by Google. If you’re going to spend money on paid-per-click (PPC) ads, you might as well do so efficiently and smartly. The SEO PRO’s offer full service, quality Google Adwords PPC management services. This PPC service is ideal for local advertising, targeting just your city or market area and national marketing as well.

Managed PPC ServicesWe’ll either charge a percentage (10-20%) of the spend rate or package Adwords services within a full-service Internet marketing package. The bottom line is, you’ll know precisely how much money is being spent on your Adword campaigns. Some PPC management companies that call themselves ‘Local,’ won’t tell you this! They just guarantee X amount of impressions for X amount of dollars. No ROI accountability at all.

We’ll give you a free AdWords PPC review and an estimate of what we can save you and/or how we can make your campaign more efficient and effective. Contact us today for your free evaluation.

What About Paid Ads On Social Media Websites?

Google Adwords for Mobile- The beauty of mobile marketing is the ability to target. Reach people in the real world with location targeting. Show people ads relevant to ‘where’ they are NOW. This means less wasted money, higher conversions and a more efficient Adwords campaign spending. Don’t have a mobile website? Not a problem…KO Websites can build you a mobile website or just a mobile landing page. Learn more about mobile Adwords Services (Small PDF).

Call the SEOPRO’s today to get started on your new AdWords PPC campaign. Ask us about the $100 for $25 Google coupons we have.