san francisco facebook marketing for businessWhat you may be thinking or hearing the most is “I do not think my business or our type of business will benefit from Facebook.” There are so many reasons why this is not the case for any business (small or large), brand, or non-profit. There actually is a good reason to post on Facebook and maybe even advertise: Advertise on Facebook.

Here are a few reasons why to include Facebook in your internet, inbound marketing plan:

  • There are over 655 million active users on Facebook. (That is 655 million reasons right there!)
  • Facebook is the second highest trafficked site at any giving time second to Google
  • Facebook pages are now ranking in search engines
  • Social search: Facebook activity (“likes”) now directly influences search results on Google and Bing from people in your social circle.
  • Generates leads
  • Builds Brand awareness
  • It is a place of community and a place where your customers can interact and give feedback
  • It is a place for you to promote, make deals, coupons and check-ins
  • It is a place for you to share insider info, news, and events.
  • Lastly, every demographic, every market, everybody, and almost every business, (next one being you) is on Facebook.

Already on Facebook? Don’t have the time for Facebook?

  • No, unfortunately your business cannot reap the benefits of Facebook for the simple fact of throwing a Facebook Page up and never going back
  • We provide Facebook optimization: brand information, custom profile photo and cover photo
  • Strategized descriptions and bios
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Integrated Blogs & YouTube
  • If you choose, we can set you up with Facebook local deals and check-in deal services
  • Plus, we provide weekly activity for your Facebook Page

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