twitter management Twitter – A micro-blog communication distribution channel with currently over 550 million users. What is a “microblog”? A small broadcast of content. 140 characters is the limit for Twitter to be exact.

So what does this mean and how is Twitter useful again?

Aside from the 550 million users, Twitter is all real time, immediate communication, this is what makes Twitter so different from the other social networks out there. Twitter has rapidly transformed from a place of 140 character jokes and useless info such as letting the “Twittersphere” know you just sneezed, to a major 140 character place of real time news and information. Major marketers and businesses focus on Twitter for current trends, news networks are using it to find and broadcast news, and law enforcement agencies are using it, too, for eyewitness tip lines and broadcasting accidents.

A few examples of the power of Twitter:

  • During the power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl an average of 231,500 tweets were sent per minute.
  • The world learns of natural disasters worldwide within seconds
  • Charities have received millions
  • Governments have been overthrown
  • Businesses small as your corner grocer to as big as Coca-Cola and H&R Block are on Twitter, and thousands more are joining by the day.

Two ways SEOPRO and businesses use Twitter:


  • Launch promotions, sales, and coupons any second of the day to hundreds and even thousands of people
  • Promote events
  • Promote your website
  • Promote your products
  • Promote your brand and business

Customer Sentiment

  • A place for people to converse about you
  • A place for customers to give feedback
  • A place for customer-to-business communication
  • A place for you to be able to monitor and track these communications

Wait there is an SEO purpose here, too.

Outside of Google featuring tweets in search results, more tweeting simply generates more buzz to your website hands down. This gives you more search engine credibility and in return will help to improve your rankings. Also with Google’s new social search campaign, if you are a Google user and have your Twitter account synced, links and key terms tweeted by your followers will influence your relative searches.

That being said it is an obvious decision to join Twitter. But how are you going to have the time to use Twitter effectively? That is why you hire a social media marketing team like the team at SEOPRO to tweet, track, monitor, grow a following, and promote for you. It’s that easy.

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