Do you know where your domain has been?

Have a new domain name and can’t get it to rank is search engines?
No amount of SEO is helping?

This can be a fusterating experience. One thing you should check out before making a new domain purchase, is the domain history. Search engines, including Google have trust issues with domains that have been used by spammers, frauds etc. So when choosing your next great SEO power domain name, check out its history. How? Use the link below.

Check the history of a domain name here-

For the fun of it, we checked out our old website. The archive only goes back to 2002, which by the looks of our old site is far enough! This screen shot is from 2003. It’s ugly, but we did rank #1 for ‘Bay Area web design.’

Anyone else have info on how to check the history of a domain name?