Everyone Can’t be #1 in Local SEO, But You Can Try

Local SEO Tips – How Do You Improve Your Google Search Rankings?

Over the years Google has grown to be the #1 search provider by far and that’s largely because the company continues to work day and night toward a better user experience. Google wants to give their users what they’re looking for when they want it in as few clicks as possible. Why would they work so hard to make finding things easy? So that their customers will keep coming back and Google can make serious money by charging advertisers who are eager to get their ads in front of this huge user base.

Even if you’re not ready to spend money on Google Ads there are tons of free tools available to you to improve your business’s prominence on the #1 search engine.

Google My Business

Claim your business on Google and fill in everything you possibly can to directly provide Google with as much information as possible to better know and understand your business. The Google My Business dashboard has been expanding over the years and even if you’ve claimed your business in the past it’s a great idea to log in and check that you are filling all the relevant fields. As an example, a few months ago Google added Covid-19 related fields to give business owners an easy way to let their customers know what precautions and services they are offering in response to the pandemic.

More SEOs are finding that Google My Business and reviews are a growing factor, especially for ranking on Google Maps. If you’ve already optimized your listing but you have very few reviews it’s time to start trying to gather more good reviews. Users are much more likely to use your business if they see that many others have been happy with the services you provide than if you have 1 or 2 outdated reviews or none at all.

Traditional SEO

While you may be giving Google a lot of the facts about your business through Google My Business a huge portion of the equation that determines how your site ranks on the organic search results still depends on traditional SEO tactics like link building and developing and optimizing your website content.

Different web design platforms offer different levels of ability to control information which contributes to SEO, the most common, and our preferred, web design content management system is WordPress. Our custom built templates allow us to ensure all important code manipulations are possible to allow us to target the right keywords with the right elements and deliver superior SEO performance.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites may not directly benefit your SEO strategy, but increasing traffic and engaging with potential customers can help you grow your domain authority and prominence. All that great content you are creating is just what your followers will want to read and share with their followers which can lead to a great deal of traffic. Boost your website traffic and share what your business is about with the online community with thoughtful and engaging social media marketing.

Google Ads

If you’re willing to pay for your placement on Google and more widely across websites, apps, games, and videos the biggest way to do this is via Google Ads. Google Ads can help your company quickly get to the top of the results pages where traditional SEO will generally take weeks or months to build your authority and rank. Google Ads are by no means the only option nor are they the simplest option for a business owner to implement themselves. We have plenty of clients who ask us to manage their ads for them, whether they started running campaigns themselves and found it was more than they bargained for or they came to us with lofty goals of getting more business fast. Setting up a Google Ads campaign that delivers the ROI you want takes some work and understanding of how it all works an the many factors at play, not to mention watching results and adjusting to improve performance as data comes in.

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