Best at search engine optimization (SEO)

The Bay Area company that’s best at search engine optimization (SEO)
Every successful company finds and recognizes their unique niche that makes them stand out from the competition. KO Websites knew that they were the best at search engine optimization (SEO) and realized how important SEO was years ago, but the general business community didn’t recognize and value this skill-set until just a few years ago.

Meanwhile, KO built over 200 websites for commercial business, non-profit and community organizations. KO gained an excellent reputation by providing outstanding service and quality design services. In addition, KO was one of only a few Bay Area web design companies to offer full service hosting, streaming video hosting and SEO service. Many of our clients didn’t even know that they were getting SEO services, nor cared…until now!

Because search engine optimization has grown so important for successful online web marketing, KO spun-off a separate search engine optimization division to focus just on SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). This division is called SEOPRO’s. Another reason to spin off this division was to re-brand, because other web design firms wanted to use our SEO services too. Bay Area marketing firms in Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord and San Francisco and several Bay Area web design companies use SEOPRO to do their SEO and SEM work.