Can’t afford an SEO company? Here’s what YOU can do for yourself

For those of you trying to do your own SEO…

Look, if you’re a real small company who runs their own website, there are some really easy things to do to help your SEO and chances to for people to find your website. My SEO colleagues may get mad, but I’m thinking that if we can help you generate a little more business, then you’ll come to the SEOPRO’s at KO Websites for an aggressive SEO campaign later. Here are the SEO tips:

  1. You must use the page title tag correctly, which means not just putting your company name there. Your not marketing to people who know you and your site will come up anyway if we type in your business name. So, put up to 9 words that you are targeting. For example- “Bay Area pool cleaning and maintenance by SJ Pools.” It should look like this:  <title>Bay Area pool cleaning and repairs</title>
    Go ahead and search Google on that term- That’s our website- who ranks #1.
  2. SEO for yourself- Don’t put 50 key words in the “key words” tag. Just put 15. You can do this too yourself too! Separated by a comma (,).
  3. Is there any text on your website? We are amazed at how many times we get asked for SEO help from companies that have no text on their website.  Search engines can NOT read images (yet). Graphic designers like to use images for their design, because they can control the fonts and look. Here lies the paradox…You have a great looking website that no one can find. Your website must have text, perferably 250 words of text for good SEO.
  4. Page description– Let Google know what’s on your website. If you don’t, they will just guess. Good luck with that…
    <meta name=”description” content=”SEOPRO is a search engine and social seo marketing -SEM- services company located here in the San Francisco Bay Area. You found us, right? SEOPRO is the best Bay Area SEO company around! We are conveniently located here in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.” /> Not very well written text, but notice the use of key terms?

Just doing these four things will bring you from number last to at least the top 3 pages on google for local searches.

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