Do you know what Google, Yahoo and Bing just did?

When Google talks, SEO marketers listen. When Google, Bing and Yahoo all talk at the same time and talk the same message, the world listens.
Yesterday, the big three announced a joint venture that has everyone’s attention. The launch of a new website- and the new markup standard that’s going to make web developers and SEO freaks very happy.

Why do you care about all this?

  1. Your search results will be much better once everyone gets on board.
  2. Your SEO efforts should be bett
  3. Flash and multimedia will now get some attention.

How it works: Search engines rely on tags, schemas and HTML code to improve search results and make their search results more accurate.

  1. When SEO and Media Marketing Strategies set out to optimize their sites for SEO, they can use these markups to help push their sites to the top of results.
  2. To get up to speed on how this new mark-up standard works, visit
  3. Many sites like Joomla and Word Press are generated from structured data. These sites are often stored in databases. When database data is formatted into HTML, it becomes it’s difficult to recover the original structured data.
  4. Many applications like search engines can benefit greatly from direct access to this database structure of data.
  5. On-page markup coding enables search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide great search results in order to find better and more relevant information on web searches too.

This is the first time since ‘Maps’ that the big three have come together to agree on any standard. This may be a huge opportunity to get YOUR website rank right in the area you want to rank.
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