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Social media marketing is hundreds of times less expensive than other traditional marketing ventures such as print, radio and TV, while providing an immediate real time access to millions of people and potential clients on demand.  Social media marketing is one of the only media marketing opportunities that offers direct marketing to only your market segmentation. This saves time and money.

SEO & Social Media Marketing Mix

Social media marketing, mixed with SEO is even bigger! This takes a little work. A lot of work actually, but fortunately there’s help available.

Large companies actually have their own in-house full time on-line marketing staff. Typically one person for social media marketing, One for blog writing and reputation management, one or two people for SEO and one or two for web design. To top it off, they’ll have a graphic designer, a project manager and a staff manger to manage this staff. That’s 9 people in all. Throw in some benefits, office space, tools, etc and you’re looking at about $1 million per year.

If your reading this blog, your probably looking for something a little more scaled down, but with similar benefits and advantages. You have four choices:

  1. Do nothing. Deffiantly not the best choice.
  2. Try to train your staff to do it. A bad idea for SEO, but doable for the social media marketing (SMM) part. If you try to do your own SEO work and do it poorly, you can actually hurt yourself more than help, so doing your own SEO is not recommended. But doing your own SMM is a great idea IF you have staff that can commit to it, likes doing it and will take the time to stay educated on the rapidly changing social media environment. Even if the staff can’t manage all of it, it’s a very good idea to have at least one person who can communicate with a SMM contractor and help startigies
  3. Hire full time  professional marketing staff. This is the best option is you have a large enough check book.
  4. Hire the SEOPRO’s at KO-websites. KO offers a full service website and on-line marketing management package. This ‘all-in-one’ package is designed and tailored for small and medium size business who want to maximize their online potential to capture every possible lead out there.
    These packages include: 

    • Web updates
    • Aggressive SEO
    • Mobile website
    • Management of at least 15 social media accounts
    • Reputation management
    • Blog application and blog writing
    • Monthly detailed reports.
    • Web hosting
    • Much, much more

These packages really work! Just ask Gregg over at APW who told us last week they got another huge account from a client who said, “We kept seeing you everywhere we searched.” “Between that and your good looking, informative website, there was no reason to search any further.” And ask Jim over at TES who says he had his biggest year last year. Several other clients have said they would not be here today, had they not signed up with the SEOPRO’s at KO-Websites.

For more case studies from the mouth of our clients on video, visit our SEO examples.

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