Twitter Users Be Cautious of DM Hacks

There is a link if clicked on that will hack into your Twitter account and its spreading like wild fire right now.  You must make sure you don’t fall victim and if you do, we will show you the necessary steps to recover your account.

If you are a frequent Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed that you receive a quite a bit of spam in your DM (direct message) inbox.  I certainly have.  That’s essentially why I don’t bother checking or using DM on Twitter.  Nonetheless a lot of tweeters still do and a lot of them are falling for these hackers tricks.

Education of the Twitter hack

If you see any DM or tweets that says anything to the effect of:  I saw a blog about you read here (link), I saw this hilarious photo of you (link), see who has viewed your profile (link), loose 50 pounds (link), etc.. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK.

Prevent your account from being compromised

As I just mentioned, stay away from suspicious tweets, DMs, links, and delete them immediately.  Delete offensive messages, tweets, and spam often.  Be vigilant and report the spam.  Revoke access to any suspicious applications and be cautious to what applications you are giving access to your Twitter account.

What to do if your account is hacked

Change your password immediately and change the password to any account sharing the same password.  After that you can follow this step-by-step guide from Twitter here.