Google Plus 90 Million +1 White House

It has been well less than a year since Google Plus (G+) has been launched.  The social network has grown far faster than any other social network.  G+ launched back in late June 2011 and now has over 90 million users.  You might be saying (And you’d be far from the only one) “A lot of the users signed up because of hype and curiosity then never signed back in after first week.”  Well if your one of these people you’d be wrong, 60% of users sign in daily 80% sign in weekly.

Barack Obama signed up back in November 2011 and most recently the White House followed suit signing up for a G+ page today Friday Jan 20th, 2012.  It’s 11:12 am (west coast) and the White House is in over 5,000 circles already.  Lady Gaga signed up for G+ last week and is now in over 55,000 circles.

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