Pinterest Business Accounts Have Arrived!

The moment all of you business Pinners have been waiting for – Pinterest has released accounts specifically designed for brands and businesses.  

Pinterest business accounts will feature:

  • Ability to have one business name – opposed to first and last
  • Ability to verify your account – just upload a file Pinterest provides to your web server and receive a verified badge on your businesses Pinterest profile – you can see our sweet badge here:
  • Pin-it button, follow button, and new embeddable widgets for your site or blog – including a profile widget and board widget
  • New business resource center – provides guidelines, case studies, access to upcoming features, tips and best practices

We manage many Pinterest accounts for our clients so what immediately entered my mind when I heard the news was; this is awesome! But man we’re going to have to re-create a ton of accounts.  Nope, Pinterest was nice enough to make things easy for us, they’re allowing you to convert your existing account over to the business accounts.  This makes me very happy 🙂 You can do so here: