Complementing Inside Marketing Team

Full service website asset & online marketing management

A typical scenario for SEO PRO is to work with a small, inside marketing team that knows the clients’ brand. They’ll take care of print, radio and TV marketing, and higher us to take care of everything online, including their website(s), SEO, social media, Email, PPC and display ad advertising. We like working in this environment, because the marketing team is doing most of the planning and goal setting. We take care of the online execution and tracking, and provide comprehensible data to prove the ROI. We also make ourselves available for online crisis communication.

Moving from old school marketing, to cutting edge online marketing, the Bay Area Strizzi’s restaurant chain was a little uncomfortable at first. They knew nearly nothing about online marketing and didn’t want to spend a furtune trying to figure it out. So they contracted the SEO PRO’s to cover this task for them, following the lead of their inside marketing staff.

RESULTS: An awesome new website, over 15 social media marketing accounts, current bi-weekly blogs, very successful email marketing and first-page rankings for the search terms they wanted.

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Comment sent from client/owner Ray B. on 7/17/2013:  “Thanks for everything…appreciate your hard work in rolling everything out! Thanks also for your patience in getting everything approved!! Looked at our new website and our Facebook page….. looks great ..! I like it!”