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In 2013, Save A Lot Solar (SALS) came to us wanting to expand both their sales and company operations.  The challenge, the solar industry is highly competitive with their online marketing efforts. Unlike some service industries (landscaping for example), the residential solar industry is super competitive  Most solar companies have new websites, strong SEO, a social media presence and many are advertising on TV and radio. Not having a budget for radio and TV and having a very old website, SALS came to the SEO PRO’s to maximize their marketing dollars.

  • First, we help to identify the 3 major demographic markets.
  • Next we redesigned the website with these market segments in mind.
  • At the same time, our social media marketing team set up over 15 social media marketing and ratting accounts. We branded the accounts, insured accurate content was there and optimized the content for maximum social SEO. Blog writing began in preparation to the site launch.
  • Site was launched, and with social accounts in place, active social and SEO marketing began.
  • Next we built a mobile website optimized for mobile marketing.
  • Finally we filmed and posted video testimonials on YouTube and the new website.
  • Later, the client wanted to test Yelp and Google Ads, so we took care of that and made sure they got the most for their money.


  1. Top of page 1 for a Google search on “save on Bay Area home solar panels”
  2. Top of page 1 for “Oakland home solar”
  3. Page 1 for “Bay Area home solar panel installation”
  4. Page 1 for “Oakland home solar company”
  5. …and the list goes on.

See the their website here
See video testimonials here
See the their Facebook account here


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