Tumblr For Business

Making Social Media Work For You

bay area online marketingIt’s not uncommon for today’s businesses to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google Plus to promote their brand through online marketing. All too often there is one under-utilized platform – Tumblr.

But this microblogging platform shouldn’t be overlooked!

Of all the social media channels, perhaps none have the ability to make posts go viral quite like Tumblr. With 300 million unique visitors every month just waiting to reblog (tumble) your content, it’s a marketing goldmine. If you’re unfamiliar, think of it as a blend somewhere between Twitter and Instagram. Its emphasis on visual content makes posts easily sharable and its friendly interface and welcoming culture make it the perfect place to highlight your company’s personality and to just have fun. Unlike Facebook with its emphasis on “newsworthy” content and LinkedIn’s professional-only vibe, almost anything is fair game on Tumblr! For business owners, this is the perfect opportunity to combine a sales pitch with humor. People are more likely to click on your post or reblog content if it’s funny or entertaining.

How Can My Business Use Tumblr?

  • Pictures: Tumblr is all about visual content. Images will get more engagement than any other media form. Even better, Tumblr allows you to upload multiple photos into one post. If you’re in the food industry, for example, it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight all the scrumptious looking specials on the menu. Or maybe there’s something unique or unusual that you want to share. In general, if an image resonates with you, chances are it will resonate with your customers. Puppies are always good too!  

  • Gifs/Memes: Nothing beats a good laugh! News articles and sales promotions get dull and boring and can drive customers away. Use Tumblr to show off your personality and sense of humor. The funnier it is, the more likely it will go viral.

  • Quotes: People love quotes. Anything that is artsy, inspirational, or funny is almost certain to get engagement.

  • Hashtags: The rule with hashtags on Tumblr is that there are no rules! Just like with Instagram, there is no limit to how many hashtags you have so feel free to go crazy! The more tags, the wider the reach will be.

Need some inspiration? Check out these companies who have got Tumblr down to a  T.

Brands Who Are Rocking Tumblr.

IBM: Not sure how to use gifs and memes? Look here. It’s also heaven for Geeks.

Denny’s: They’ve got an entire page dedicated to Bacon. Enough said.

CoCa Cola: This comes as no surprise since Coke is the king of marketing. Their Tumblr is filled with bright and happy brand-related pictures and video – all of which are incredibly sharable.

Disney: This one does a great job of playing up the audience’s nostalgia

National Geographic: Like visual content? These photos will take your breath away.

So go ahead, show Tumblr some love and sign up now!

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