Bay Area Produce Supplier Stays Fresh with New Website

seo case studyA&B Produce, a major San Francisco Bay Area food supplier and wholesaler, provides fresh, high-quality fruits, vegetables, and more to commercial and retail restaurants.  With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the company did not want to continue with a website that underperformed.  As a result, A&B Produce partnered with KO Websites, Inc., to update its website design with a fresh look and character in line with the products it delivers and the service it provides. 

Preceding the website upgrade, A&B Produce did not appear in the first 5 search result pages when terms such as “bay area food wholesalers” and “bay area food supply” were used. In order to fix that, KO Websites added search engine optimization (SEO) to the site as part of the website improvement plan.  Since the launch of their new custom website, SEO boosted to the point that the company has surpassed its parent company, BiRite, in search rankings for these same terms and they are on page one now!

Two additional website enhancements were achieved – a Content Management System (CMS) to make it easier for the company to update its site without viewer disruption and special software, and a Crop Market Report that can easily be posted. A&B Produce’s clients can view the up-to-date quality and market of perishable goods.  In the restaurant and food business, knowing if there will be a change of ingredient cost beforehand can save money on menu items!

The final results included a clean, classy and contemporary website that can be viewed by desktop and mobile devices, a simpler way for pertinent information to be updated, and awesome SEO results on the three major search engines.

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