Leads from Facebook Messenger

Facebook is not only for PR, customer service, brand awareness, website referrals, and reputation. Sometimes it’s the source that people directly turn to, to reach out, make initial contact, become a lead and a conversion. 

Even though you have a website and local listings with all your contact info, sometimes people would rather reach out through Facebook. They use it daily and they’re comfortable with it. 

As a part as our service, we check your Facebook messages daily. Some clients have us respond with a canned response such as, “Thank you for reaching out, please give us a call so we can help you.” or we simply forward along and the client instructs us how they would like to respond. 

Here’s just a few examples of leads we have received for our clients through Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger Lead

facebook marketing case study

facebook lead case study

facebook management

messenger leads

leads from facebook


facebook lead contact management company