Rare Disease Healthcare Marketing

Social Media Marketing that Works for Healthcare

Patient Worthy™ came to SEO Pro in mid 2015 with aspirations to grow awareness about a number of rare diseases. Along with raising awareness, Patient Worthy™ aimed to create a support community made up of patients with rare diseases, their families, and their caregivers and ultimately to make money to keep their business going by selling advertising space to healthcare marketers.

Patient Worthy™ recognized early on that they were going to need help. They lacked in-house expertise in the realms of PPC, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and needed help making frequent updates and edits to their website to keep content fresh and give visitors a reason to come back again-and-again.

Ken O’Donnell, Founder and President of SEO Pro, the sister brand of KO-Websites Inc, drew up a 6-month All N1 Digital Marketing Power Plan to help Patient Worthy™ develop the following they wanted and needed to accomplish their business goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Upon the first dive into their SEO strategy we found that, of the 20 or so keywords that they were targeting, only 5 keywords produced their site in major search engine (Google, Bing, or Yahoo) within the first 50 search results. Through an aggressive SEO strategy, developed and executed by SEO Pro, by the end of their 6-month contract 19 of the terms they were targeting were bringing up their website in Google and other search engines.

With SEO comes Website Traffic

Between July and December of 2015 Patient Worthy™ saw it’s unique website visitors increase 135% more than doubling their total website traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Patient Worthy™’s focus on providing resources and support for the rare disease community made fresh, timely content and devoted social media management of utmost importance.

Through the use of well curated content, optimized timing of social media posting, and strategic use of social media ad spending, Patient Worthy™ saw their Facebook following grow almost 35,000% in 6 months from 9 followers to over 3,000. On Twitter their following also grew rapidly under SEO Pro’s Social Media Management increasing to 5x what it was when we began working with them.

Website Management

Patient Worthy™ had a lot of great ideas and content for their website, but they needed help taking it from their documents and making it work on a web page. SEO Pro assisted by frequently posting their new, original content on the site and promoting that content on social networks in order to help drive website traffic.


In January of 2016 Patient Worthy™ received the PM360 Pharma Choice Gold Award in the Digital – Consumer Website Category and was featured with 2 other healthcare marketing brands on the cover of the magazine. The award recognized Patient Worthy™ for making great strides toward their goal to “become the online standard for finding, curating, sharing and publishing Rare Patient News. Well Done™.”

With SEO Pro’s help Patient Worthy™ found the success and recognition that they hoped for. “Watching Patient Worthy™ grow the number of disease states featured on their website and the level of social media engagement they’re at now is truly incredible. We’re grateful that our digital marketing agency was able to partner with them right from the beginning of their endeavor and wish them nothing but the best as they continue to touch lives affected by rare diseases” said Ken O’Donnell as the successful campaign enabled them to hire new in-house staff to manage their brand full-time.