Ecommerce Website Rebuild & SEO Improvements Immediately Boosts Sales

JMT Beauty Doubles Best Sales Month After Ecommerce website Rebuild & SEO Improvements

In the first full month since their newly rebuilt website was launched JMT Beauty has seen their biggest month of online sales EVER. JMT Beauty’s first month of business since their new website was launch resulted in more than double their best month in the past 6 months. It’s really amazing what improving your user experience can do for an online business.

When JMT Beauty came to the SEO Pro’s at KO Websites Inc., the company already had a WordPress website complete with an online store. They were looking for social media marketing and SEO services to boost traffic to their online store. As we began to work toward improving SEO a number of other issues presented themselves. The original website design mixed with questionable maintenance and a bloat of unused and unnecessary plugins had led to some small visual and functional problems with big consequences in the form of user experience. In addition to some things not working properly and difficulty of navigation the site was quite slow, which also leads to a poor user experience.

While JMT Beauty’s website was not a small one, as they offer hundreds of beauty salon supply products, sometimes the best approach is to start fresh with a brand new website and a clean slate, free of legacy problems and design issues.

web design for ecommerce user experience mobile friendly

While the overall appearance of the new website did remain similar, the guts of the website (the WordPress theme) were replaced and the whole site got a nice face lift and a newer, faster server to host it. While the new appearance of the website is certainly an improvement, the most important reason for the rebuild was to make everything work fast and mobile-friendly so that phone, tablet, and desktop visitors would all quickly be able to navigate the site, find what they are looking for and get a simple and easy cart check-out.

On top of redesigning the site navigation and the shopping features KO Websites was able to add some new functionalities that JMT Beauty wanted in their new WordPress website. We added custom ordering pages, promotional banners, and an entirely new dynamic shipping setup. This makes it easy for customers to know what their shipping would cost, which equated to less drop-offs and phone calls by confused customers. All of this has contributed to their new online sales success.

In the end JMT Beauty has a faster, cleaner, easier to navigate website that incorporates some custom functionalities to enhance their users’ ability to order what they need quickly and know immediately what the cost will be, both for their products and for the shipping. Beyond user experience, expert search engine optimization (SEO) is helping JMT Beauty find their place in the search engine results pages where buyers will find them before their competitors.

Today, Fast Mobile-Friendly Web Design is Essential

Whether you need a simple website to display your business information and services or you need a full blown shopping cart website with hundreds or thousands of products, you must choose a company that can build a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website. Your customers aren’t going to wait long for your website to load, and they aren’t going to put up with your website on a mobile phone if it’s not designed to be mobile-friendly. If you need help with a brand new web design or a rebuild of an old basket-case of a website, ask one of the top web design companies, KO Websites Inc and SEO Pro to help you.