6 Ways Social Media Boosts SEO and 3 Ways It Could Damage SEO

Today, one of the most effective ways to implement search engine optimization (SEO) is by making the most of social media (SM) platforms. If you aren’t already using social media marketing to give your SEO a boost, you should start doing so as soon as possible. However, you should also be aware that when not utilized properly, your SM strategies can also lower your optimization. Use the following overview as a quick guide on what to do (and what not to do) when leveraging social media to draw more traffic.

Here are 6 ways to improve your Bay Area SEO with social media:

  1. Further Brand Awareness
    Brand awareness may not seem directly related to SEO, but branded searches are an important part of getting people to your website. By developing a powerful brand presence on social media, you can ultimately help to improve your ranking in search engines. Not only will your website come up a Google search, but your social media profiles can also come up in search results, making it easier for customer and potential customers to find information about your business.
  2. Provide Quality Posts
    If you optimize your posts in the right way, they will serve you well as users perform searches online. A popular post in the form of a social media update could attract users to your pages. The way to ensure this is to use tactics that benefit your audience. Offer useful details, and frame your posts with text that contains relevant keywords. Think about what your customers might be interested in or be searching for as you compile your social media content.
  3. Promote Shareable Content
    Once you create posts that will have an impact on your readers, encourage them to share the content with others. You might inspire your social media followers to share your material by providing incentives, such as exclusive downloads for every 100 “shares” they produce.
  4. Attract External Links
    Your social media posts may draw inbound links from external sources. This will increase your authority with search engines.
  5. Optimize Locally
    Make your brand known in your local community, and you could soon find a wealth of individuals visiting your website. Engage yourself with other local businesses, and get involved with community events. Be sure to post these events on social media.
  6. Build Your Following
    Social media is the ideal format for developing a loyal fan base. The more followers you have, the more your pages will rank higher in search results.

How to avoid letting your Social Media Marketing negatively impact SEO

  1. Don’t Settle for Poor Quality Links
    Getting low-quality backlinks can be worse than no links at all. Focus on getting links from sites that rank higher than yours in search pages.
  2. Failing to Inspire Engagement
    In order to maintain authority and improve SEO, you must keep your followers engaged. A high number of visits means nothing if your bounce rate is also high. People need to stay on your pages to increase your SEO, so you must offer compelling content.
  3. Neglecting Your Profiles
    Many SM users will view your profiles to gain a better understanding of your brand. If you are not optimizing these profiles, your ranking may suffer. Use keywords that reflect your products or services. Also, complete all of the fields, so you may give people as much relevant information about your brand as possible.

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