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Increase Credibility and Exposure with Video Testimonials

Produce a testimonial video for your business today!

Having a testimonial video for your business’s website, YouTube channel, email campaign, and your social media marketing campaign can do wonders. It increases your reach, exposure , and credibility. It also can increase engagement on social media and conversions from your website.

If you need help with producing a testimonial video for your company, contact us at The SEOPRO’s.

We have all the equipment, we can provide the actors, we’re affordable and we take care of all the post-production, music, animation, and editing as well.

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Don’t Miss Out On Video Marketing

Video marketing has arrived. It’s no longer on the way. Don’t miss the train.

video marketing stats

Today, 18-24 year olds spend more time online than they do watching TV, while 25-35 year olds split their time right down the middle. Across all ages the trend is up for online use vs TV and it’s time not only to be seen but heard across all platforms.

Online video ads are less expensive, they have higher conversion rates, and they’re going to reach your target audience more times than not, opposed to TV ads that are on target less than half the time.

It’s a no-brainer, why is video marketing not a part of your marketing strategy discussion? If you need more convincing check out the video marketing stats below. Continue reading