The Influence of Social Media in Marketing

The practical purpose of so-called “studies” touting statistics favorable to advertising, whether directly or indirectly, in social networks is little more than a marketing tool designed to obtain feedback, ideally in the form of sales.  Such reports however have a tendency to overemphasize what may in fact already be quite obvious to the savvy entrepreneur regardless their level of computer literacy.  For, much like real world commerce, in near every aspect of e-commerce there are cooperative and competing entities all vying for solid position and tangible results.  But whereas in the real world saturation marketing gave way to targeted marketing as a more cost-effective means of increasing business among audiences peculiar to any given industry, the very opposite appears true for the virtual or digital world.  Thus, penetrating the realm of social networks is becoming a key factor in advertisers reaching their objectives.  Think of it this way:  the axiom arguably most applicable to the proliferation of business is “word of mouth” advertising.  And social networks by definition are open arenas where communication abounds.  Studies and statistics may add weight to this concept, but common business sense ultimately prevails.  Hence, if you’re an advertiser whose product or service is in need of exposure, it would be a good idea to seize the initiative and begin to realize the benefits afforded by these avenues.