What does it cost to get great search engine optimization today?

What does it cost to get great search engine optimization (SEO) work done these days?

KO Websites, the leading SEO Pros in the San Francisco Bay Area search engine marketing (SEM) industry charges about $750 to $4,300 per month for full service web management, on going re-designs, social marketing, outstanding organic SEO services and PPC campaign management. The price is based on competition, company web asset sizes and range of geographic marketing reach. The more local, the less the cost. The broader the market or the more competitive the key search terms, the more the cost.

Seems kind of pricey to you? What would it cost to employ your own in-house online marketing team? Your right, from $65K to $600K.  Below is another example of cost from one of our competitors from southern California. This guy (Mr. Clay) is well known in the industry and good at what he does too, but keep in mind the difference of what we offer…full online marketing management!

This is an excerpt from Clay’s website:  Fees are charged on a per page basis starting from $800 a page. As each industry and project requires special consideration, there is no hard and fast rule for pricing and projects will vary based on the needs of the client. If you already have a site, but want to redesign it, our fees start at $800 per page. For an SEO Design evaluation of your proposed website build, pricing begins at a one time fee of $15,000.

So, as with anything, you get what you pay for…So do you just go with the highest bidder? NO, check their work and see were they rank. Search Google for “Bay Area SEO company” KO’s web assets come up #2 and #3 (KO-websites.com and SEOPRO.pro). We’d be at #1, but we keep screwing around, experimenting and testing with our own websites. Watch, we’ll soon be back to #1 and #2 here soon.

So lets review…with KO and the SEO PRO (same company) you get:

  1. Full service website management. All editing and changes you want.
  2. On going re-designs. All redesigns and SEO changes included as needed.
  3. Social marketing– We implement, manage and track up to 15 social media accounts.
  4. Reputation Management– We watch and guard your reputation. Don’t have a online reputation? We’ll create one for you.
  5. Outstanding organic SEO services. Includes tracking and reporting.
  6. PPC campaign management– We’ll do this for you. Includes tracking and reporting.

Bottom line– We do whatever it takes to bring in online business and profits for your company. We know clearly that if your not getting a solid ROI, you’ll move on. We want you to stay long term so we’ll invest in your company by poring our resources into your online marketing plan until we make it work right. Then we know we have to keep that performance up to keep your business, so we meet regularly and report our/your performance and make changes and adjustments where needed. We also rebuild your website as needed, so you never look outdated again or fall behind. That all being said, we think you’ll agree that our pricing is pretty darn good!

Learn more about our full service web marketing packages by calling me (Ken) at 510-276-9902 or use one of our contact forms at either www.KO-Websites.com or www.SEOpro.PRO