How to Write a Better Blog

How Do I Write a Better Blog?

Start by adding value to your blog.  

You can add value to your blog by adding links and pictures.  Links add a lot of value to your blog and are necessary to direct that blog traffic to other places that you really want them to go and or add more value to the blog by providing access to more information.  Like your websites and or other social sites.  Also use links to give any source you may have used for your blog credit.  Most people or companies don’t mind you using their information as long as you give them credit.  Another good way to add value to your blog is posting photos.  Pictures can make your blog a lot more fun, interesting, and attractive.

Be search engine friendly.

Again no duplicate content.  Unique content is recognized by major search engines and increases online visibility.  New blogs equal new content for search engines to pick up.  Every time you write a new blog, you’re telling a search engine you want to be seen. Businesses with recent content will be more easily found than ones with outdated text content. When I see a business that has recent changes or content it attracts me a lot more than the competitor that doesn’t. Make me believe that their website is not up to date and that your website is up to date and I’ll buy from you first!

Be careful with keywords and don’t be a Black Hat.

Some people have the misconception that key word stuffing will help search engines find your blog, but the reality is you might actually be blocked from search engines if you over do this.  In some cases the blog host-site (like merchant circle) will not even allow you to publish the blog if you over stuff with key terms.

How to get your blog noticed?

Post it everywhere you can.  Most blog applications and or blog hosting websites allow you to connect with other social tools like facebook and twitter, so when you post your blog it will automatically post links to it on these social websites.  Twitter will post micro blogs, a short linked version that will fit into their 140 character limit but will link back to where your blog is hosted. A few other social websites like Blogger and Merchant Circle beg you to post blogs on their websites. Everyone wants fresh content. Make sure to post the blog on your website first.

Thank you.  Hope this helps,  happy blogging!

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