Google and Bing. Such Social Butterflies.

Social Search: Designed to help you find more relative and credible information from your friends in your search.

Social search, if you haven’t heard, it is changing the game of SEO and search engines as we know it. Turning social media non-believers into believers by the invisible mega-ton truck loads over night.  If your a business owner and before you were thinking social media was a load of Berry Sticks there is no denying now that it is becoming an absolute must to jump in.  Not only to please the trend by throwing up a Twitter account and Facebook page and not really use it but now it is more essential than ever to interact and promote, because now, the “likes” count.

I will give a brief over view of how Google and Bing are currently incorporating social search.


USA Experimental  Introduction Date:

10/26/2009 (Although they have been continuously making extensive updates since)

Goes Global In 19 Different Languages:


What Social Avenues is Google Taking Public Info From?

Google Buzz, your mail contacts, chat buddies, Twitter, Friend Finder,  Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo, and Yelp.

When Will You See Social Results?

Once you have decided or not to have these sites linked or connected with you Google profile you will only have to be logged-in to your Google account while searching on the search engine to see these social integrated results.

Where Will You See Social Results?

These results will show anywhere on the page and you will be able to identify this with the bottom of an individual ranked listing.  It will have for an example “Joe Smith shared this via Twitter” with his avatar.  You can also refine your search results using search tools to switch results to “social results”.  When you do this you will only see relative search results your friends have shared.   Your friends likes, links, and shares will hold considerable weight over other search results as long as it is relative to the content you are searching for.

Who Will Be Considered Friends?

It will be anyone who listed as your friend, contact, or someone your following but there’s a kicker, they are going one step further and including all of your friends, friends as well.  So if you are friends with 5 people and each one of your friends have 5 friends then now you are seeing social search results from 25 people.  Only if you are logged-in and the results are relative.

Example: Notice at the bottom where it says KO-Websites shared this on Twitter.

Google’s Blog: “Social Search goes global”




Introduction Date:

Don’t have exact date, just know they softly began incorporating Facebook into their search results back in October 2010 but as of last week they announced publicly that it is now officially launched and updated.

What Social Avenues is Bing Taking Public Info From?

For news results, Facebook and Twitter.  For search results, only Facebook but different from Google, Bing is in partnership with Facebook therefor they have a little bit of deeper information.  Because of this unlike Google you must sync Bing with your Facebook and grant them access where Google just grabs only the public information.

When Will You See Social Results?

After you have granted them access to your Facebook anytime you are logged-in to your Facebook and jump on Bing, Bing will incorporate the social search results.

Where Will You See Social Results?

Very much like Google you will be able to see these results anywhere on the page and it will have a name and their Facebook profile picture at the bottom of the individual result.  Different from Google it will say how many people like this link or page not only who has shared it.   You will also see your friends in Bing maps, travel and shopping.

Who Will Be Considered Friends?

It will be anyone who is listed as your friend on Facebook.  But if there is no relative results that were liked by your friends it will show results other people have liked and how many have like it.



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