LinkedIn Rises To #2 Largest Social Networking Site

The June numbers have been crunched, and LinkedIn officially passed MySpace to become the number two social networking site in the U.S.

According to ComScore,Facebook was the number one social networking site with 160.9 million visitors in June. LinkedIn followed with 33.9 million visitors.

And, despite its famous new stakeholder, Myspace dropped to the third spot with 33.5 million visitors. Sorry, Justin Timberlake.

Although LinkedIn trumped MySpace in visitors for the month, the overall number of active users still lies in Myspace’s favor with 130 million compared to LinkedIn’s 115 million. While not a true apples-to-apples comparison (LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals and MySpace is, well, not) it does indicate MySpace’s ongoing struggles.

Time will tell if MySpace will regain momentum with Facebook ruling all that is social and the emergence of Google+ posing a significant threat with nearly two million visits last week alone. But, remaining connected with all of them might be a safe bet for anyone looking to stay on point.

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