Happy #4sqday 2012


Today is everyone’s favorite day of the year right?!

You must have your thumbs locked and loaded for a full day of checking-in madness!

Well if you couldn’t guess it, it’s Foursquare Day.  A self-made unofficial holiday from Foursquare.

What’s cool about Foursquare Day?  Besides the obvious, they have given us some stats.  We all like stats right?

  • Foursquare has more than two billion check-ins
  • Foursquare has more than 20 million users
  • Foursquare has more than 35 million places in its location database

[vimeo 40309367 w=400 h=300]

Happy #4sqrday 2012!  Oh yeah and don’t forget tomorrow is #SEOPROday!