Will Instagram Work for My Small Business?

Brands of all types and sizes have started catching on to using Instagram. You might be wondering – will it work for your small business? The short answer is YES!

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing app that allows users to easily edit their photos with filters.

Why Use Instagram

There are so many social media networks out there, what makes Instagram so important? First and foremost, it exclusively uses images, and social media is primarily a visual medium. Secondly, all it requires is someone with a smartphone. Start snapping away, and using those filters, and quick as that – you’re an Instagram pro! And once you’ve created an Instagram image, guess what? Now you’ve got easy content to post on your blog, Facebook page, Google+ page, and Twitter. Lastly, Instagram is an easy way to expand and engage with your audience.

So What Do I Post?

If you think your company is too boring for Instagram, you’re wrong! Once you start thinking creatively, you might be surprised at how quickly you can come up with photo ideas. To start with, you can showcase images of your products and how they are used. People enjoy behind the scenes photos, so you could show your office, your employees, and the work you do. Got a special event or celebration/milestone coming up? Document it with Instagram! You can also provide your followers with a sneak peek at products that haven’t been released yet, which helps build excitement for the product launch. Or if you don’t sell products but rather a service, showcase a completed job.

Who Is Using Instagram, Anyway?

Lots of brands are using Instagram nowadays. Here’s a quick list of some brands you’ve probably heard of: Oreo, National Geographic, Red Bull, ABC News, Levi’s, Starbucks, Intel, Virigin America, Taco Bell, Macy’s, Sharpie, LA Clippers, GE, NFL, Playboy, Burberry, Zappos, and the Foo Fighters.

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