Does Social Media Work for B2B Businesses?

B2B Social Media Marketing Tips

The short answer: Yes, social media marketing can work for a B2B business! Ok, now let’s dive in a little more.

B2B-social-media-marketing1) Why Should I Invest Time and Money In Social Media?

It’s been clear for quite some time now that social media is the place to be for businesses trying to reach consumers. But what about businesses trying to reach other businesses? Online marketing can still make a difference. First and foremost, social media will increase your company’s online presence (which is also helped tremendously by organic SEO). The best way to bring in new customers is to be found online. Social media is also an opportunity to show your business as an expert in your field in a more engaging way than static information on your website. If you appear as an expert, then you’ve already started building trust with prospective customers before they get in touch with you, therefore making it easier to close a deal.

2) What Networks Should My Business Be On?

Casting a wide net isn’t necessarily the best strategy for a B2B company. Instead, focus on the social media networks that can provide the biggest return.

Go where the professionals go: LinkedIn is the best place to start. First, make sure you and your employees have personal profiles set up. Next, set up a company page. You can then link your profile to your company page. Nothing beats the power of networking! Once your company page is set up, make sure you fill out as much information as possible, and start posting on your page regularly. Also add Showcase Pages to feature your products and services.

Twitter is more than celebrity tweets and breaking news. Millions of professionals tweet and connect on Twitter every day. Set up a profile for your company, and start tweeting away! Make sure to stay social, follow other people, share their tweets. Try participating in a Twitter chat (conversation centered around a specific hashtag) to help grow your following. And use hashtags sparingly!

Recently some have claimed that Google+ is a ghost town. We promise that this is not the case, especially in G+ Communities! Set up a Google+ page (which will also help with SEO, if you are a local business) and find communities to participate in. If you can’t find an active community on a topic related to your business, create one of your own, and start inviting people to participate.

3) When Should I Start and What Should I Post?

There’s no better time to start than the present! More importantly, if you know you have a big product launch or event coming up, you should start building your social presence at least 30 days in advance (two months is even better). When it comes to what to post, resist the temptation to be too self-promotional – you’ll come off as salesy and lose your audience. Instead, include content that your prospective customer would be most interested in. Provide information of value, and your social following will grow organically. 

4) How Can I Get My Business on Social Media?

Companies often hand over social accounts to an intern or staff member who uses social the most. Managing a business’s social media presence requires more than just being comfortable with Facebook. That’s a good place to start, but if you want new prospective clients, you need a comprehensive social strategy.

Hire the Right Social Media & SEO Company

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