Bay Area SEO For Mobile Websites

We Said It Was Coming! Now It Will On Apr 21, 2015

Are you Ready For Google’s Mobile Hammer?

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You may have said “I don’t internet.” That didn’t work out too well for you if you did. And then you may have said “I don’t do mobile” and that’s not going to work well either now. Even if you’re right, and most of your web traffic is via a desk top computer, you may get penalized anyway. Here’s why…

If you don’t want to see a drop in Google search engine rankings, you’ll need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Effective April 21, 2015, if your website is not mobile friendly, you will take a “ding” in Google’s search results. Mobile is for real, so embrace it, or watch your competition that does, take the lead.

About 60%+ of searches done on Google are via mobile devices right now.

With this in mind, Google will provide its audience with the most relevant and visible results based upon the user’s medium of choice to keep the customer experience level high. Therefore, companies who want to take advantage of the change for their online marketing campaigns will make sure their websites are mobile compatible. But, before you freak out, you may be OK, IF your web design company was thinking ahead and watching your back. Test your website to see if it’s mobile ready: Mobile test.

If your website passes this test, congratulations! If not, you better hurry up and find an available web design company to convert your website quickly and keep your SEO rankings or even improve them!

What does it mean to be mobile friendly?

Our initial testing shows that a simple website, with large text and optimized images, will work for now. A preferred method of mobile friendly web design is via HTML5, but if you can’t swing that, go with the 2nd mobile website.

Our parent brand at KO Websites builds Responsive websites; sometimes adding an adaptive element as needed.

We have extra staff standing by to help you convert to a responsive website quickly. Time is limited and projects are filling in fast. April 21 is just a few weeks away!
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