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Bay Area Online Marketing Experts Discuss Duplicate Listings


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Business owners need to be aware of issues related to duplicate business listings that can harm their searchability, search engine page ranking, and consumer experience. Creating and maintaining your business listing’s uniformity, ensuring consistent social media presence and engagement, web design, website updates, and all important search engine optimization are daunting, but increasingly essential tasks to ensure continued business success and growth. You can monitor your listings yourself or bring in social media marketing experts to assist.

Google continually updates their search ranking system and consumers increasingly rely upon Google and other search engines to find everything they want and need. These factors, as well as numerous others (to be discussed in a separate forum) are pushing business which have not embraced online presence, or those which have only taken small steps to boost their online presence, to increase their level of attention to what search engines and business listings sites can do for them.

Google’s most important goal is to provide users with and outstanding user experience. Duplicated and conflicting business listings will negatively impact your search engine rankings. How? Because Google is unable to determine which listings are correct, specifically Business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). The inconsistency in data will not provide useful content to searchers, so Google will either omit your business’ listing or place it further down the results chain. This prevents users from: visiting incorrect locations, arriving before a business opens or after they close due to incorrect hours listings, or the frustration of being unable to find an accurate phone number.

The process of finding and updating all listings, some of which managers might not even be aware of, can be difficult and time consuming. The importance, however, can not be underestimated. Google will look at other search engines for consistency in NAP in order to bring credibility and value to its listing of your business. The more reliable the information, the better page ranking your business receives – meaning more eyes are on your listing!

How is your business listed? Find out by using the free PowerListings tool here.

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