SEOPRO Recertifies as a Google Partner

Social Media Marketing Mavens

Social Media Marketing Managers Cerise Lopatic (L) and Nikki Mendez (R) with Google AdWords Certifications.

Bay Area Social Media Marketing Company Stays Ahead

In the social media world, change is truly the constant norm. What worked last year – or last week, for that matter – may not work today. In order to stay on top of current trends, changes in social platforms’ use, and keep its clients’ online marketing presence intact, SEOPRO makes professional development a priority.

One of the biggest changes is the shift in paid advertising. While SEOPRO continues to promote its clients’ brands, products, and services through organic and social referral channels, the team knows that paid advertising can’t be ignored. “It’s part of marketing diversification – a business can’t put its eggs all in one basket,” said Ken O’Donnell, Founder and President.

Through its sister company, KO Websites, SEOPRO recertified as an official Google Partner. In order to meet Google’s requirements, the digital marketing agency had to meet Google AdWords’ criteria:

  • Ad spend
  • Performance
  • Pass two AdWords exams with a score of 80% or better

Two members of the agency’s staff successfully completed their exams, with a third member also studying for this achievement. “Keeping abreast of modifications in our industry is a daily event,” continued O’Donnell. “We have to know what changes will affect our clients’ marketing endeavors and be proactive with our response in effective and ethical ways.”

In addition, personnel attend conferences lead by social media marketing experts, read industry news feeds, and take courses in order to increase their knowledge to contribute to the success of SEO Pro’s clients. Furthermore, members of KO’s staff are certified in Google Analytics for better planning, execution, and measurement of the performance of their digital marketing efforts.

Let SEO Pro Stay On Top of Your Social Media Marketing

As the captain of your own small to medium sized business, you already have a lot on your plate. While you understand the importance of a digital presence, you probably don’t have enough time or energy to take on the additional task of performing a successful social media marketing campaign. That’s where we come in. To learn how we can help your business stay active in the social media mix, call us today at (510) 276-9902.