You Need a Fast Website to Go With Good SEO

Website Page Speed for SEO and Better User Experience

Google has one mission, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Website owners have to understand Google and its mission to provide a great user experience. One aspect that affects SEO is how fast a page loads. Google cares about page speed because they want users to get the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. People are impatient and Google knows this so they’re going to ding your site if it takes too long to load, no matter how useful the information might be.

Page Speed and SEO

Page speed is important to the user experience. When a page on your website takes a long time to load, users will go somewhere else to get information. This translates into your SEO strategy by negatively affecting your SEO ranking. Page speed is one of the components of the algorithm that ranks pages. When users don’t stay long a page, it makes Google bots think that your page isn’t relevant to their search.

How Fast Does Your Page Load?

Google has many tools for website owners. PageSpeed Insights gives you information to better understand what optimizations have been made and which you should implement to improve your website. Your San Jose SEO company can help you with site architecture, that is the technical and visual components of your site to make the page speed faster. Generally you want to limit the number of files that have to be passed back and forth and the size of those files to limit, as much as possible, the total volume of data that is needed to load each page a user visits.

Will Page Speed Affect Your SEO That Much?

Google’s algorithm that ranks pages counts dozens of factors. Page speed might seem like a minor thing, but over time, it might affect your ranking. Google isn’t about website marketing as much as it is about serving users. The search engine was built for people who wanted to find information. Google handles millions of searches each day. The algorithms will change. Even small changes can have an impact on how your site ranks. Google wants users to continue to come back time and again, so they have an interest in presenting people with the best, fastest, and most reliable results all in the interest of keeping their huge share of the market in tact to continue selling information and ad space that companies will pay big for.

As consumer behavior changes, technology changes. Although you don’t have control over all of the factors that rank your site in Google, you do have control over some of them. Working with your digital marketing agency to stay on top of best practices will allow your site to rank positively.

Looking for digital marketing company in the Bay Area to push your company ahead?

Contact a San Francisco SEO company that can optimize your website using SEO ranking factors. Your website is a valuable tool for your business when you use it correctly. Your users will thank you when pages load quickly. Google will count it in your favor. It’s something that you shouldn’t overlook.