How to Increase Your Local Search Rankings with Google My Business and Google Plus

Increase local search rankings with google apps

All businesses strive to connect with their local community and customers. The internet has created a landscape for businesses to showcase their offerings and closely understand their most loyal customers. Local search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the digital age’s most vital tools and should be leveraged to optimize your firm’s local results. Google […]

Bay Area SEO For Mobile Websites

bay area seo company

We Said It Was Coming! Now It Will On Apr 21, 2015 Are you Ready For Google’s Mobile Hammer? You may have said “I don’t internet.” That didn’t work out too well for you if you did. And then you may have said “I don’t do mobile” and that’s not going to work well either […]

How SSL is Changing SEO on Google

If Pigeon, Panda, Hummingbird sound familiar, it’s because they’re all a part of Google’s rapid changes to their formula for ranking websites and determining what websites ranks where for what search term. Google’s recent update of their algorithm includes HTTPS / SSL as a ranking signal Although Google is considering the  use of HTTPS-SSL as […]

How Google Plus (G+) Helps With SEO

How Google Plus (G+) Helps With SEO – Having a Google+ profile/page connected to your website will increase the relevancy of your website’s content and help support your search engine rankings. In addition, Google+ profiles and pages are displayed along with traditional website results too and hold their own search and page rank.

Google Offer Checklist for Choosing an SEO Company

Google Gives Some Tips on Picking an SEO company In an article written by Google in their Webmaster Tools section, Google offered some advice on choosing an SEO company and offered this short checklist below. One of the very important things they recommend is this: Consider hiring a SEO company early in the site development process, […]