Hush Hush Rumors! Twitter Buying Tweet Deck for $50 Million

So much for being hush-hush this topic is currently trending on Twitter with millions on the craze.  I’m actually losing my opportunity right now just taking the time to get this blog out in hope to share to the 3 people in the world that has not heard yet.. (I’m sweating). Just joking, no but really some background info:

We all know what Twitter is right? Well for TweetDeck some of you may not know.  TweetDeck is a third party Twitter, Facebook, Linked In application (free) which allows users to manage unlimited accounts on multiple platforms simultaneousnesly.  Perfect for the social network extremist or the business owner interacting with potential customers on every social avenue he/she can.  Also has features such as tweet scheduling and includes a widely popular mobile app for Android and iPhone as well.  TweetDeck is arguably the biggest third party Twitter app, the opposing argument being that HootSuite has that title, either way it’s right there.

For the company, TweetDeck was founded by British founder Ian Dodsworth ( hasn’t commented publicly yet) who is now chomping at the bit in becoming a multi-millionaire.  The most surprising thing to me was that TweetDeck only has 15 employees (Big payoff for Mr. Dodsworth) most of which in the UK.  Dodsworth mentions on his Twitter profile he is a Formula 1 obsessive, well he might just be a Formula 1 owner here pretty soon.

The 5 year old company Twitter founded by Biz Stone located in San Francisco has only recently tapped into advertising opportunities and is on track for a revenue of $150 million this year according to eMarketer.

Biz Stone has said the company is concentrating its efforts on growing revenues and making strategic acquisitions. The firm has bought a number of tech firms over the last few years in order to round out its technology.