Ménage à Tweet Plus Facebook

By now most of you are very aware of Google Plus and at least have a general idea of what it is about. For those of you who do not here is a run down of what the hype is all about.

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The Hype

Google Plus was launched June 28th, 2011 by Google invite only. The next day they allowed the people invited to invite their friends. The following day they were forced to suspend anyone else from joining because of the abundance of people trying to blow the Google Plus doors down like it was Wal-Mart on black Friday with a riding lawn mower on sale.

Within two weeks Google+ had acquired more than 10million users even with their efforts to slow down the G+ bum rush.


The Fight

There is a large three way argument here. One side saying Google+ will put down Twitter, one side saying people will leave Facebook for Google+, and the other side claiming G+ is being over rated and things will be relatively the same with the addition of Google+, or Google+ will simply fail. Referring to their last social efforts Google Buzz and Google Wave.

But lets make things clear Google has their gloves on this time, Google+ is no joke for Google and Google is not making a mickey mouse social attempt perhaps such as Buzz or Wave.

That being said it will be interesting to watch over the next 6 months to see what social platform people stay with or gravitate to or to see if they are willing to add yet another social networking platform to their daily online social craze.

What Social-Network Will It Be For You?

I think for the daily user it will simply have to be a personal preference and/or which ever one has more of their peers.

For businesses, for now (when Google Plus comes out with their business profiles, currently highly discouraging businesses/brands from creating regular profiles.) while the three headed social-network horseman is strong and alive it will be obvious to say all three. That is until when and if one of them joins myspace in the forgotten depths of the social media underworld.

Personal Opinion

I think all three will be strong social networking contenders for awhile. Even though Google Plus is fresh, cool and has applied features from both Facebook and Twitter with a twist of their own (privacy settings/organized friends lists called circles) Twitter is Twitter and will always be the secondary social-network. (mostly because nobody else can emulate the real-time news source like Twitter does) For the chosen primary, everyone and every business is on Facebook and if Google+ can win the peoples hearts it will take a some time for a full transition. For now I think there will be a place for them all. Wagers anyone?twitter.com/seoprobayarea
On Google+ profile http://bit.ly/nOpagx