Google Offer Checklist for Choosing an SEO Company

Google Gives Some Tips on Picking an SEO company

In an article written by Google in their Webmaster Tools section, Google offered some advice on choosing an SEO company and offered this short checklist below. One of the very important things they recommend is this: Consider hiring a SEO company early in the site development process, like when you’re planning a redesign. This gives the SEO company the opportunity to help build the site SEO friendly. Continue reading »

How Companies Sabotage Their Social Marketing

The #1 Social Media Marketing Mistake Companies are Making

Are you sabotaging your own social media marketing and don’t even know it? Are you only getting 25 cents on the dollar spent on your social marketing program?

 It’s very likely that you’re NOT getting the bang for your buck, if you’re not communicating frequently with your social media market team; be it an in-house marketing team or hired guns. Unfortunately we see too frequently, it’s ‘hands off’ participation from company managers when it comes to their social media marketing program. Now if you have a very good social marketing team, this is OK to a certain extent; except for one thing… Continue reading »

How Much To Spend on SEO and Social Marketing?

How much should a small company spend on SEO and Social Media Marketing?

Once a company decides to market online, the tough question always  is, how much to spend.

The folks over at the SEOMOZ conducted a world wide survey of companies like ours (Online marketing and SEO).  We participated in this survey as well and were one of the 47% US based companies. 13% were UK based, 40% were 23 other countries. These companies included in-house marketing firms and agencies, as well as outside contractors and internet marketing consultants.  The bottom line results were: 34% of their clients are spending $1,000 per month or more and about 16% were not on a monthly program. 45% were somewhere in between $100 to $1,000 per month. See the chart below: Continue reading »

Top 3 Twitter Tips

If you’re new to Twitter, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left behind. Here are the top 3 tips for keeping up with Twitter, whether you are using it for yourself or your business.

Pin to Win: Using Pinterest for Your Business

The easiest way to cut through the noise is through photos and images. Pinterest is so successful because it is image-based. You can use Pinterest to get attention for your business in new ways.

Bay-Area Based KO Websites Launches New Company Website

The Bay Area’s Top Search Engine Optimization Website Design and Marketing Firm Unveils New Company Website, Offering Two New Powerful Marketing Products.

You Don’t Need Social Media

People will tell you hundreds of reasons why your brand should be on social media but I will tell you THE BIG 4 REASONS why we use social media and how we use it for our clients.

Instagram Bought By Facebook For $1 Billion Dollars

This morning it is announced that Facebook has official bought out Instagram, the once start-up now very popular photo sharing app for 1 billion dollars.