YouTube Advertising 101

youtube video ads marketing

Have you ever been super excited to watch a YouTube video, only to be stopped by a man trying to sell you a book about how to become successful? Well that short precursor to the video is an advertisement!   Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Video Advertising   What is it? The YouTube […]

SEOPRO Recertifies as a Google Partner

In order to stay on top of current trends, changes in social platforms’ use, and keep its clients’ online marketing presence intact, SEO Pro makes professional development a priority.

Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Greater Visibility

You must have a social media marketing plan in today’s world. How do you know on which social channels to focus your attention and how does SEO fit into the mix?

8 Need-to-Know Social Media Stats

Social media is used to drive engagement and market content to consumers. That said, here are 8 social media facts every business needs to know.

Top 5 Twitter Tips

Twitter is a massive social media network with unlimited potential. Follow these Top 5 Tips for adding Twitter to your social media marketing plan.

Twitter and Customer Service

With 59% of customer requests coming through Twitter, we’ve got some tips to help your business improve customer service with social media marketing.

The Role of Social Media for Small Business

Lacking social media profiles is a major “miss” in the Marketing aspect of small business. Learn how Social Media Marketing will help your business grow.

Social Media Video: Instagram vs. Vine

Social Media Marketing is evolving again, thanks to the debut of video sharing on Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo sharing app.

Social Media News Roundup

One of the most exciting and interesting things about social media is that it is always changing. Here’s a roundup of the latest news about the major social media networks.

Pinterest Business Accounts Have Arrived!

The moment all of you business Pinners have been waiting for – Pinterest has released accounts specifically designed for brands and businesses.