Organic SEO: More ROI Than PPC?


Organic SEO still delivers the best ROI (return on investment).

If you are a B2B or B2C company marketing online, chances are you’re bombarded weekly or even hourly with various strategies designed to help you win business online and generate a good return on your investment from your website.

Should you do a pay-per-click (PPC) initiative? Should you dump money into social media marketing? Or should you hang back and craft and execute a powerful organic SEO campaign? Should you do all three? If so, how should you apportion your budget for maximum ROI?

The questions are endless. What we need are fewer questions and more data and answers.

Fortunately, data is now available to help us make some decisions.

 Q: What online marketing has the best ROI?

A: Organic SEO.

That’s right. Even in this day and age of ubiquitous Twittering, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing, etc, old, hoary SEO is the best source of lead generation, for both business groups. Unsurprisingly, the B2Bers favored SEO more heavily. B2C companies “split the pie” more evenly among SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. This probably should not surprise: when you market to consumers, you likely care more about things like “what’s trending in Twitter” and “who is Facebooking whom about what” than you might if you market hi-tech wonky widgets from one business to another (B2B). Another thought is, B to C companies just don’t know what to do, so they throw some money into each pot and hope for the best.

Curiously, the numbers also show that most companies’ marketing budgets were not in line with the “SEO is best for lead generation” philosophy. B2B marketers spent just a third of their money on SEO and nearly as much on PPC. B2C marketers, meanwhile, spent nearly twice as much on their PPC as they did on their SEO. It looks like it’s time for some companies to rethink their marketing budgets and take a second look at organic SEO.

This all being said, should you abandon social media marketing? No.

Social media marketing is more then just engaging with people. It’s also about engaging with Google. Social media marketing helps you’re organic SEO! And besides that, you need to keep an eye on your social reputation in the social media circles as well. So don’t ignore social media marketing.

What about PPC? PPC has it’s uses too. But we think companies spend way too much on it. It’s a lazy way to market for some companies. Don’t forget about the other types of PPC marketing too. For example, LinkedIn and Facebook offer some interesting options.

 So what is the right marketing budget split? In general, we recommend 60/25/15.

Organic SEO = 60%

Social = 25%

PPC = 15%

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