Timing is Everything for Social Media Marketing

When Should You Post for Social Media Marketing

Social media remains an effective means of reaching your audience, but success depends upon your timing. Attention spans aren’t getting any longer these days, and social media marketing channels aren’t getting less crowded—so picking the best time to post your message is crucial. Consider these points when scheduling your social media marketing posts:

The Right Time to Post Today, May Not Be Right Tomorrow

Constant testing is the best way to determine the proper timing to get the most response from your social media messaging. There are many variables involved and social media trends (not to mention algorithms) are always changing. This means you can’t just “set it up and forget it.” You will likely need to adjust your timing strategy often, so stay on top of your research. As an experienced Bay Area SEO and digital marketing company, we never stop researching social media engagement levels for our clients–to make sure they stay on track for success.

Success is Measured by Action

Posting at the best posting time only works if you’re putting out engaging content. You need to get shares, comments and likes, as well as conversions such as clicking over to your website, signing up to your email list and/or following you. When your posts get attention and spur these kinds of actions, you can also receive a boost from the platform, which wants to provide visibility to the most engaging posts. Posting exciting content, with relevant SEO, at the optimal time is a win-win-win.

Don’t Rely on “Logic” Without Checking the Numbers

Check the facts to learn when it’s best to post. Monitor your social media analytics carefully, because they can reveal counter-intuitive facts. You might assume, for instance, that your followers mostly check their social media on nights and weekends, if your product/service is recreation or entertainment oriented. Make sure your analytics back that up, however. You might find that mid-afternoons Wednesday – Friday are best, because people are at work, checking social media to make plans for their weekend. In this case, daily posting may be overkill. In other situations daily posting might be wise for effective San Jose SEO strategy.

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